The Cycle Of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Cultivation

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see how fast they eating food here :

Black soldier fly (BSF) Cultivation

maggot black soldier fly (BSF) cultivation can be carried out in a variety of activity scales, from home or industrial scale cultivation.

Black soldier fly (BSF) cultivation is not only oriented for larva production, but also is often oriented to deal with the problem of organic waste.

BSF farming bring multiple effect wich benefit for us, not only produce protein as feed source, also as aolution for organic waste problem.

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is a good solution for both.

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Exelente trabajo, gran alternativa en tiempos dificiles.👏👏👏

Author — jose luis caballero


Thank you for this informative video - no excess information yet every stage of the cycle is well described

Author — Lukas Foerster


Good music, plenty of useful information. Thank you for your generosity! You are very inspiring people. Greetings from Ecuador!

Author — Juan Ortiz Yépez


Thank you for sharing this. May I know how you separate the larvae from their food? Not the ones ready to pupate but when they are still white, what is your process...thank you ☺️

Author — Evelyn Monroy


This is so great. Very well explained everything. I loved it

Author — Syed Ali


Excellent video. Much to learn and do, but this really helps. Thank you.

Author — Gazuntai World


How much food waste do the BSFL consume on a daily basis? Or a conversion rate from food waste input to dry weight larvae output?

Thanks !

Author — Thomas Clark


Nice video! How do you separate the larvae from thr substrate they are eating from when it gets too dirty?

Author — Diego Franquebalme


The Best video, beautifully designed and written. 👍

Author — International Agenda


This is the best video about the life of a BSF. I have a lot of them in my compost pile and i always take them back to the pile when they are outside. I see my mistake i will find a good place for them to hatch and repeat the cycle. Thx a lot . Appreciate you video all the way from TX

Author — Ayile Enenga


Hello Sir thnaks so much for the very comprehensive info. Worth sharing everywhere. the world needs more people like you. Two questions. You mentioned that 3 to 5 kg / m2 of food is needed. How deep should that food be? How many kilo pupae can be harvested per m2 ?

Author — julian gerona


You have inspired me to purchase some larvae and try to gro Bsf, thankyou so much for your helpful advise. I would also like your email if possible. I am hoping to feed larvae waste meat and bone. Maybe you can make a video on feeding meat ideas? Thankyou again

Author — Tim Wiebe


When you feed the larvae kitchen waste, do you collect the liquid that form at the bottom?

Author — Growsari Supersari


This was very educative. Thank you for sharing

Author — Eugene Bruno


How do you sort the maggots from the food scraps?

Author — D S


Mas ingin tanya klo pemberian magot ke anak ayam atau DOC apa aman? baiknya ukuran magot yg kek mna kah yg tepat d berikan sebagai pakan DOC?

Author — M.A Huse



Author — Pedro Cepeda


I have a barrell full of them right now and am trying to get them to finish up so I can get it over to my worms to complete in Stage 2 of my bioremediation project.

Author — Northern Thai Garden Guy


my dad just start chicken farm and use maggot as their food, i hear a lot "BSF" "PREPURA" word but idk exactly wat a diffrence, but after watching this video i know what they are... so thanks you, your video was very helpful for me, ,and Semoga Lanjar terus Usahanya mas...

Author — Warkop BS


Thanks, very informative video. God bless.

Author — anuledsroma