Remembering Scott

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Just a leaving a note here guys, Egg's Guide is not over. Scott wouldn't want us to stop. We think we have enough material from him to be able to finish the series in a way that he'd be happy with. It's gonna take a little time to work it all out but we are going to continue. Scott also leant his voice to another project back in October which we are going to complete, you guys haven't seen the last of Steve yet. R.I.P Scott. You are awesome.

Author — Element Animation


Roses are red, violets are blue, I miss Scott, and so do you

Author — Eclipse Girl


if anybody dislikes this video, they deserve a severe punishment.
Scott was always a great voice actor and i am sad that i am late to this news.
Rest In Peace Scott.
You will be missed.

Author — Andrew Starwarsfan


This is sad. And it's even more sad for a kid to say in the comments:
I've seen 3 of these today, and it's not cool. Rest in peace Scott. We all miss you 😢

Author — Mineplay25


He is in heaven now. I hope he is happy up there. RIP Scott

Author — Marshi Animations


Don't be sad, Steve just respawned in another world.. We just can't find it.

Author — Stariska


I know I am extremely late but I wanted to say I am sorry for your loss. May Scott be in a better place😇

Author — Waahaa _1


R.I.P Scott Yakiwchuk. He will live forever in our hearts.We all miss you

Author — the fearstroke


Oh wow I haven't watched these videos In a long time and seeing someone from my early childhood makes me feel sad rip Scott thank you for making me laugh in those early times

Author — Egging eggs with the egg man


This is really sad to hear Scott was my faveourite person from element animation RIP

Author — Nicksterv Hater


been here 4 years before, me and my friend keep mentioning this and remind it to each other. we'll never forget our favorite voice actor.. R.I.P scott.

Author — Oktay Dönmez


Scott has died so now... Element Animation did not make us video in 2017... R.I.P Scott. We love u!💕😭

Author — Ednalyn Galagar


We'll miss you, Scott.
May you rest in peace.

I couldn't help but cry. :')

Author — Georgia Bennett


NOOOO 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I LOVED THE CHARACTERS HE VOICED. NO MORE STEVE AND NO MORE HISTORY. He is the best ever since he voiced. This is really sad. It was amazing having him

Author — Apartus


I have wrote something on my old channel but i lost my password and ill say it again. Scott we know you are gone. 2 years have passed. But where ever you are. We want to say we love you. When ever you will come back to us. We will come back to you in heaven. Rest In Piece to Scott the greatest being that brought us laughter, he made us have memorable moments with him through the days of watch you. We love you Scott

Author — RedGuiced


I miss him!
We will never stop missing you Scott!
It's like popcorn!
You're like the butter, without butter it's not yummy!
We ❤ U

Author — EloPoyo pat


I haven't met Scott
But I knew he was a great guy
He brought joy to millions of people around the world
He even inspired me to be a better person
Hearing this news made me cried
Rest In Peace Scott
You will be remembered in all our hearts ❤

Author — Starflame 509


Wow 4 years ago. We miss you Scott, rest in piece.

Author — MastersorusRex


R.I.P Scott, why the best people go man, thank you for helping people by making these shows.

Author — ThePixelStars


RIP Scott, you will be remembered

On another note, I bet many of the people saying Rest in Peace now, are the same people that were complaining about the lack of videos. See, you really don't know what goes on behind the scenes, so stop complaining.

Author — Carl S