Remembering Scott

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He would be so proud to us seeing this channel reaching 3 million subscribers today. (10/6/19)

Author — Henry Alcant


It's been 4 years since his passing... It doesn't feel that long, I feel like it was only yesterday An Eggs Guide Pt 14 came out, and he was in it.

Author — Talex 0211


This is sad. And it's even more sad for a kid to say in the comments:
I've seen 3 of these today, and it's not cool. Rest in peace Scott. We all miss you 😢

Author — Antify


Only if he can see what Element Animation has become to what it is today...

Author — Matthewscyap


Don't be sad, Steve just respawned in another world.. We just can't find it.

Author — Stariska


Has it really been 4 years?
Damn... Still miss him tho...

Author — video maker


why the hell did I just find out he died NOW? W H A T?

also rip scott everything bad happens to good people, damit

Author — Comedic Noob


Oh wow I haven't watched these videos In a long time and seeing someone from my early childhood makes me feel sad rip Scott thank you for making me laugh in those early times

Author — Egging eggs with the egg man


Seven years ago, I was only 11 when I started watching these videos... I look back to this one the most... hard to believe that it has been 4 years since Scott has been gone. I remember coming home from school and watching this video. Crying my eyes out... I’ll always miss Scott, he really made the rest of my childhood rememberable, and this channel as well!

I’m happy you guys are still growing strong and continuing with Minecraft even if it’s not as popular as it used to be. But thank you guys for being amazing UwU

Author — Bun Bun Drawings


Just a leaving a note here guys, Egg's Guide is not over. Scott wouldn't want us to stop. We think we have enough material from him to be able to finish the series in a way that he'd be happy with. It's gonna take a little time to work it all out but we are going to continue. Scott also leant his voice to another project back in October which we are going to complete, you guys haven't seen the last of Steve yet. R.I.P Scott. You are awesome.

Author — Element Animation


Its sad that even people who were young like scott die so young and well as steve wanted to find notch to ask him his purpose well he was meant for so much like a brilliant voice actor who brought me and many others joy

Author — how to make a good


I got an ad for America’s Funniest Videos ad before this video. Maybe a bit inappropriate?

Author — The channel


All the people who dislikes were crying too much that they missed the like button.

Edit:'holy crap! That's a lot of likes. After all of these years, Scott made all of us have such a great childhood. :(

Author — Slamw


*_Really sad noises_*

_"Don't cry because it's over, be glad because it happened"_ -Dr. Suess

Author — Ninja Skeletronix


So i was 10 years old when he died?
Why i never knew that?

Author — Kevin the retro player


been here 4 years before, me and my friend keep mentioning this and remind it to each other. we'll never forget our favorite voice actor.. R.I.P scott.

Author — Oktay Dönmez


I haven't met Scott
But I knew he was a great guy
He brought joy to millions of people around the world
He even inspired me to be a better person
Hearing this news made me cried
Rest In Peace Scott
You will be remembered in all our hearts ❤

Author — Starflame 509


if anybody dislikes this video, they deserve a severe punishment.
Scott was always a great voice actor and i am sad that i am late to this news.
Rest In Peace Scott.
You will be missed.

Author — Andrew Starwarsfan


Wait, he died? Oh my god, how have I not known this sooner?

Author — Krasen Makes Content


Wow 4 years ago. We miss you Scott, rest in piece.

Author — MastersorusRex