Taking Magnets out of a microwave

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Taking Magnets out of a microwave 4

This video shows how I take microwave magnets out of a microwave.
I hang screwdrivers, pliers, saw blades, etc on them. I hold up maps, building plans, instructions, etc...with them. I pick up nails, screws etc... with them..... the list goes on.. AND here's another cool thing I do with them:

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2:40, that copper coil makes a great addition to any tool box. The wire comes in handy for lotsa things at the strangest times. Also, the older microwaves (don't know abt the newer ones) had great little squirrel cage fans that u can take out, wire up and run on house current.

Author — B D Richardson


There is a hidden danger in taking apart the magnetron. That magnetron tube the magnets are on has a ceramic insulator on it. This ceramic insulator has a very toxic compound made from beryllium. If you shatter the ceramic part of the magntron and dust from this gets into your lungs it can poison you or cause cancer. If you cut your self on the ceramic shards it can poison your blood. Be careful when taking apart a magnetron for the magnets. This is a hidden risk not many people know about.

Author — Shane Weatherall


Those pink parts are the highly toxic beryllium oxide used as an insulator that will tolerate very high temperatures. Personally I wouldn't mess with the magnetrons even if there are some free magnets to be had.

Author — Gort Newton


Now think before trowimg out all your electrical appliance . China bought them for reason.

Author — Essi Renhier


2:48 He needs to know the difference between a pair of cushion grip pliers and insulated pliers. These pliers are not insulated.

Author — Neponset River


" stars" are called torx screws

Author — matt sez


I just finished my first microwave magnet adventure and I was impressed how strong the magnets are! They will hold a pistol if you want to conceal one around your home for self defense.

Author — Dale Baranoski


Cut the cord off so you don"t plug it in. Someone might find the cut-off cord and plug it in by mistake - worse accident!

Best thing to do is cut or break the PINS off the PLUG...

Author — AAAyyyGGG


Dear Phil Crockett, What I like to do is take a bloody big Sledge Hammer and smash the casings! Sod all this unscrewing. As long as you clip all the wires and wear any protective gear needed you'll save us all a very Boring Explanation!

Author — Terry TT


If you tell the tweakers they’re worth $1.95 you’ll have 30 of them by morning.

Author — Stan Childs


I use the magnets on my car oil filter and transmission pan.Ive been doing this for over 30 years

Author — John Moyer


My Dad taught me to always take apart any broken elec device just in case you can get it to work. My last microwave I did cut the cord and kept. Then took out the screws and put them in the screw bin. But I stopped then and tossed the microwave.
Will have to go further next time.
Good stuff thanks!

Author — Jerry Henkel


I use these big magnets to find my little screws while I was removing the microwave cover .

Author — Super Nova


You've turned something interesting into a painstakingly slow vid with freeze frames and all !!

Author — G4R


where I live broken microwaves are sold for $30 on Craigslist, while used microwaves that still work get dumped for free in the scrap trailer where we're allowed to grab whatever we want.

Author — LazyH-Online


The capacitors of any microwave from mid 1990s should have a discharge resistor built in so as soon as its finished cooking the cap discharges, ive scrapped thousands of MW never come across a charged cap, even old 1980s, what you need to beware of is the Beryllium ceramic as the dust from it if chipped nasty stuff, yes the purple / pink bit of the magnetron tube! . Most newer mw no longer use beryllium but you must be aware its deadly stuff like asbestos and only takes a small amount thats the scary part! Check my vids out of me blowing stuff up with thr transformer from one.

Author — mrcrtking


I first took apart a magnetron 55 years ago. It was a take out from a post ww2 radar unit. What I got out of it were two HUGE alnico magnets in aluminum jackets. Taking things apart is a great way to learn.

Author — Bob Pendleton


It's amazing what you can find on youtube at 3am when you can't sleep!
Good vid, enjoyed it 👍

Author — Daniel Chandler


I liked the "to remove the door we bent it backwards until it snapped and it come rite off" lol

Author — Michael Y


Do not trust killer capacitors. They can kept charged for many months.

On the other hand, all microwave oven I studied so far (at least 50) have a bleeding resistor inside the capacitor. The voltage drop to safe level in less than 1 minute.

But, to stay alive, don't trust these little oily bastards.

Author — Christian Gingras