Technical Tuesday: What does it all mean? MR? DR? Combat? Elite?

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Today's Technical Tuesday, we are discussing the product line. What is MR? What is DR? What about Combat and Elite? How do I pick what's right for me?

There are currently two frame sizes. The MR-sized frame, which is a 15+1 9mm, and you have the DR-sized frame, which is a 17+1. The DR would be considered a true full size pistol, while the MR would be more in the compact-sized handgun.

The MR stands for Multiple Role. The 15+1 9mm sized gun is truly multipurpose--you can use them a duty guns, you can EDC them, it's a great home defense gun. This is a size class that covers a lot of bases and is still very shootable.

The DR stands for Duty Role, and that's who we designed it for. Shadow Systems now has a growing presence in the Law Enforcement market, which we are very excited about. The DR frame is geared towards those with larger hands, or appreciate the fuller capacity, or just want a full size pistol with a longer sight radius.

The MR and DR distinctions really just refer to the frame size. Now, let's talk about the pistols themselves.

We have the MR920; 15+1 guns with a standard 4" barrel--a compact handgun.

The MR920L (Trevor's favorite) has the full length slide on the 15+1 frame. The grip size is the same, but the sight radius is longer and the slide is longer--why? Well, most folks will tell you that the hardest part of the gun to conceal is the butt, so the longer the grip is the more it will print under your clothing. So, we added that longer slide to make the gun more shootable. The MR920L shoots like a full size and carries like a compact.

Then we have the DR920, which is the full size handgun.

Now let's talk about slides. When it comes to slides, we have basically three types of slides that go on any of the frame sizes, whether it's MR or DR; the Combat, the Combat Optic, and the Elite. The internals of the pistols are the same between all three slide models.

We have the Combat slide. The base Combat slide just has iron sights, regular dovetail sights with a nightsight front. The Combat Optic is that same slide that also has our proprietary optic cut. The Combat slide does not feature any window cuts. It does have front and rear directional serrations, but no topside serrations and no window cuts.

Next we have our Elite slide--all Elite slides feature our optic cut, which fits most optics on the market with ultra long and ultra strong screws. The Elite slide features the front and rear directional serrations as well as topside directional serrations and a weight optimizing window cut.

We also talk through the different options and features and how to choose the pistol that is right for you.

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Ive been calling it the Doctor920 and the Mister920 for simplification this whole time. Now after this video, i finally know what the DR and MR stands for lol

Author — @Kw-rr1sv


You guys really care about your customers and product. Best customer service I've ever dealt with. Appreciate y'all

Author — @GBob


Awesome video. I've never been a big Glock guy. My gun store had a big sale on your firearms. I ended up getting an mr920 combat with an optics cut and I'm blown away by how nice this thing shoots. I already bought a holster and planning on carrying it over my p320.

Author — @Bearjew2995


I just got a Dr920 and love it! Been carrying the warpoet for a while now and love that too!!! I'd love to see you come out with a sub compact similar to a g26 size!! That would be amazing

Author — @toryolsen8766


Own a MR920 Combat absolutely love it couldn't ask for a better carry pistol. I'm glad I found this company.

Author — @ZenNeonRazor


I love these videos! Keep them coming guys. Thank you for starting the series up again

Author — @NickNardone


I bought an MR920 Elite from my local gun store, it's my first firearm of yours, I love it so much I bought a cr920 two days later. Absolutely love them both

Author — @autechrefan1395


Just picked up the MR920L elite, and man this thing is slick. Might be the flattest shooter I’ve ever owned.

Author — @ARluvr1


Just an idea…when you’re doing these videos show the gun more closely. They all look similar (besides the color) from far away, I want to see them up close and look at the small details and differences

Author — @alecjoncas7764


Super informative video. Probably answered 99% of my questions and uncertainties. Y'alls guns look pretty neat and seriously considering picking one up.

Author — @NedwardJamesAlmost


I actually just bought a mr920 without doing any research, i was looking to buy a glock 17. The associate at the gun store sold me on the specs and shadow systems as a company. After shooting and more looking at these videos I'm so glad I bought this firearm. And it was on sale for 650$!! I didn't realize they normally start at 799$

Author — @feija0zinh0


Once again. I would. LOVE. To see you all make a FULL metal pistol. I'm holding out for that day to come. Then. I'm most definitely buying a pistol from you all. 💯

Author — @jamesdelong6401


Technical Tuesdays are back!? Maybe you can explain how adding a compensator may affect the reliability and what springs you would recommend. So many of us have threaded barrels on our models.

Author — @anonypersona3189


The MR920 Elite is my daily carry and it is paired with a Holosun 507c X2 and a Stream Light TLR-7 with matching iwb holster and a Taran Tactical +5 base pad on a Glock 15 round magazine. Favorite handgun I've owned and I'm definitely accurate enough with it to trust my life with it as well. I want a DR model next. I recommend Shadow Systems over a Glock every chance I get.

Author — @ThEOneEnIgMaYT


Got a small collection of Shadow Systems - acquired over time - and we love every and each of them - DR, MR, Elite, Threaded barrels… we want to add compensators and need some guidance. Like the ZEV. Thoughts? What about recoil spring? 13, 15 pounds? Video with options would be a great way to start the year. Thanks for your consideration.

Author — @sofianelaoussadi6760


I got a dark MR920L with the 5" bronze threaded barrel. Now I just need the flush barrel and one of those gorgeous fde DR920s.

Author — @j.r.6271


Just ordered a MR920 elite with bronze threaded barrel! Can't wait to pick it up 🤙🏽

Author — @Fr3d671


This is incredibly helpful as I was stuck choosing between the varrying designations.

Author — @RevengeOfThaNerd


Would absolutely love the duty model in .45 acp

Author — @prestonnormile9996


About to get a dr920, should make a 34 style slide that can be bought and added later on

Author — @chance6057