Trump Celebrates Melania's Birthday by Ranting to 'Fox & Friends' | The Daily Show

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Trump Celebrates Melania's Birthday by Ranting to 'Fox & Friends' | The Daily Show 5
President Trump calls into "Fox & Friends," vaguely mentioning Melania's birthday and rambling incoherently as the anchors try and end the uncomfortable conversation.

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It may have been Melania's birthday but this right here made it everyone's birthday

Author — Majikalnight


"We could talk to you all day, but it looks like you have a million things to do." 😂😂😂 I don't think that could have killed me more.

Author — Margarita Aguilar


The next time that he calls Fox & friends, they will answer: "Lo sentimos pero no hablamos ingle's."

Author — Carca Peru


"Hey it's my wifes birthday. So instead of getting her a gift I'm gonna call into my favorite show and make my best friends in the whole world extremely uncomfortable by ranting about nothing."

Author — Mr. Sinister


I would like to thank Republicans for doing the thing.

Author — Robin Williams


Fox News is finally noticing the emperor has no clothing.

Author — Amy Kouba


I love the fact that in the first clip, everyone on "Fox & Friends" is smiling, and by two minutes in 2/3s of them have said, basically, "f** it" with their faces and aren't even trying anymore. The 'senile uncle that won't shut up' syndrome, I guess.

Author — M Watson


Wow.  I didn't think it was possible, but I think Trump broke Fox and Friends.

Author — Andrew Hall


"It looks like you million things you have to do" 😂😂😂😂 great move when you're trying to get out of a conversation with an elderly customer you don't want to insult!

Author — Iamjustherek


It's easier to win the popular vote...which he didn't win.

Author — Jeffrey Riley


On that momentous day, the three stooges of "Faux & Fiends" realized they all made terrible, terrible career choices.

Author — TheShadowKing1988


That interview wasn't even funny, just incredibly painful and embarrassing to watch especially knowing he's my president, the person who represents me and what America is to the world...yeah.

Author — l Nero l


Man Trump is going to put the election results on his gravestone. This guy cannot stop talking about that

Author — Jason Cespedes


...This isn't funny. This is horrifying.

Author — Nylak Otter


Why does he still think "a lotta people don't know" that Lincoln was a Republican. Everybody knows that. And everybody knew that *the last time he said it.*

Author — Dee Lish


😹😂🤣 Are trump’s creators worried he’s going off the rails?

Author — Yes I’m Blessed


This guy has mental problems! And what about people who elect him!...

Author — Bikes & Bugs Switzerland


I love that Fox & Fiends got an overdose of Trump. They helped create this monster. Poetic Justice.

Author — Sevander Jokeracic


I've seen a lot about this rant, but the editing on this, with the close-ups on the hands and faces and the perfect montage of those extremely uncomfortable moments, is absolutely the best I've seen. Kudos to you and your crew for this one, sir.

Author — Gordon Brooks


Those Fox & Friends "news" anchors were in quite a quandary - "Shall we continue to let him talk and risk getting fired or shall we interrupt and risk getting fired?" Ha ha hilarious!

Author — Rigby Rigbone