Trump Celebrates Melania's Birthday by Ranting to 'Fox & Friends' | The Daily Show

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Trump Celebrates Melania's Birthday by Ranting to 'Fox & Friends' | The Daily Show 5

President Trump calls into "Fox & Friends," vaguely mentioning Melania's birthday and rambling incoherently as the anchors try and end the uncomfortable conversation.

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"We could talk to you all day, but it looks like you have a million things to do." 😂😂😂 I don't think that could have killed me more.

Author — Margarita Aguilar


"Hey it's my wifes birthday. So instead of getting her a gift I'm gonna call into my favorite show and make my best friends in the whole world extremely uncomfortable by ranting about nothing."

Author — Mr. Sinister


I love the fact that in the first clip, everyone on "Fox & Friends" is smiling, and by two minutes in 2/3s of them have said, basically, "f** it" with their faces and aren't even trying anymore. The 'senile uncle that won't shut up' syndrome, I guess.

Author — M Watson


It may have been Melania's birthday but this right here made it everyone's birthday

Author — Majikalnight


It's easier to win the popular vote...which he didn't win.

Author — Jeffrey Riley


Fox News is finally noticing the emperor has no clothing.

Author — Amy Kouba


"It looks like you million things you have to do" 😂😂😂😂 great move when you're trying to get out of a conversation with an elderly customer you don't want to insult!

Author — Iamjustherek


On that momentous day, the three stooges of "Faux & Fiends" realized they all made terrible, terrible career choices.

Author — TheShadowKing1988


Trump so lonely, even Fox & Friends doesn't want to be friends with Trump

Author — Aden Lim


That interview wasn't even funny, just incredibly painful and embarrassing to watch especially knowing he's my president, the person who represents me and what America is to the world...yeah.

Author — l Nero l


“Republicans did the thing. Lincoln was a republican”

The parties switched platforms in the sixties. So technically it was republicans but they had all the ideologies of democrats.

Author — Aza McQueen


Why does he still think "a lotta people don't know" that Lincoln was a Republican. Everybody knows that. And everybody knew that *the last time he said it.*

Author — Dee Lish


Man Trump is going to put the election results on his gravestone. This guy cannot stop talking about that

Author — Jason Cespedes


I love that Fox & Fiends got an overdose of Trump. They helped create this monster. Poetic Justice.

Author — Sevander Jokeracic


I feel like Fox and Friends should have just shut everything down and put up a message sayingTechnical Difficulties..Please don’t stand by....We will have the problem resolved in 27 minutes.

If those 3 “news” anchors want to remain being serious journalists, they need to remove themselves off that couch and work for any other station....perhaps Weather Channel, so they can learn that global warming is real.

Author — Rainbow Writer


😹😂🤣 Are trump’s creators worried he’s going off the rails?

Author — Debbie Gross


I just died laughing. This is my ghost making this comment. I just can't"

"Mr President, we would talk to you all day but it looks like you have a million things to do."

and the faces they make

Author — Achieve with Ashley


I swear to god, the Fox hosts are reacting the same way I do when I'm trying to get my grandpa off the damn phone.

Author — LittleLioness


This is almost funny.. but it's really terrifying. He's so unhinged..

Author — MannequinAttack


If Democrats are the racist ones who wanted to keep slaves, why do Republicans think the civil war wasn’t about slavery? 🤔

Author — Adam the Legend