aaron zigman - on the lake

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the notebook ost

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Esta melodia ha sido una aliada por los momentos de tristeza que inundan mi alma; hace poco de una semana mi novia decidio terminar nuestra relacion, el cual me tiene deztrozado por el inmenso Amor que siento por ella. Esta confundida ella; otro joven la coquetea y fue muy vulnerable.
Por lo mientras el estar 2 años juntos y con planes de casarnos sean esfumado; me quedo escuchando esta melodia de amor, bajo el cielo estrellado y deseandole mucha suerte a ella.

Author — Julio Heredia


If falling in love had a theme song, this would be it.

Author — Runnin4Him85


Watched The Notebook with one of my friends in Middle school, and she didn't like it! I was shocked!!!! Totally saw a great love story with the wrong friend lol

Author — musicbaby01


This to me is the greatest love story film ever<3 Noah+Allie=<33

Author — Ashton Ford


Zigman you made me cry... It's not ur fault, happens when real & pure love is there....but I'm listening again and again to heal...

Author — A.B.L Barrios


No tengo palabras para esto solo ❤️❤️😭😭

Author — santiago


my favorite movie for sure<3! And this song gets me everytime:`). Cry like a baby haha!

Author — emmamuuusic


this song is beautiful!! and the movie males me somehow sad in a good a beautiful movie and about true love!! love it

Author — ephimer


Utterly love this track and the rest of Aaron's score for the Notebook. Utterly wonderful. Pretty much love anything Aaron scores though :D

Author — Sarah Townsley


Cute movie...great soundtrack. He got her in the end because he owned her...and because she couldn't own him ! Simple marketing it is...

Author — nazgulero


I’m feeling Nostalgia whenever I heard this song, such a masterpiece of eternity love ❤️🔥

Author — Ho Truong Luong


I think one of the key factors making this movie have so much beauty and feeling to it is definitely the sound track.

Author — sunshineandgoodvibes


This melody gives me the chills everytime i hear it

Author — Vocab5


To all people that wrote here, i wish you all mutch Love Straight from my heart, and one day she will come, she will come to you.. dont give up, never! Noa

Author — Ambient Music


this movie reminds me of me and my hubby. we met when we were young and 6 years later we reunited and got married and we have never been more in love.

Author — Julie Ayala


The Joker and The notebook have the best scores in HW for the longest time.

I'd say platoon is probably the best score for 20th century

Author — Chasity Lynn


This music takes me away I love to listen to it when I'm upset it just takes me to another world Thanks Aaron Zigman for the music :)

Author — Pam M


Prześliczna melodia, unosi serce wysoko ponad chmury ❤️💭💭💭💭💭💭

Author — Joanna Głogowska


no existe nada mas hermoso y tan bello sentimiento que el amor ...es el mejor mañera de demostrar un gran amor sin tiempo en la distancia ...cuando un amor es puro, nunca desvanecerá, jamas se acaba ...es la mejor película del mundo... en amorate de alguien que te quiere de verdad

Author — Katerina Miller


most amazing song ever. most amazing movie ever. <3

Author — malerikay