Primitive Technology, Making traditional trap skills for catching eels in the river for food

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Primitive Technology, Making traditional trap skills for catching eels in the river for food 4

Hi guys, This is my next video, It is a way to find other kind of something for food. The wild man make a traditional trap to catch eel. He dig a pit for eel move in. And he hide this pit by using common water hyacinth. After a day, He got a few eels. He cook it with fire. Look at him, It so testy.

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Hells no I couldn't eat that he's eating everything the guts didn't clean nothing out dam

Author — Armando Garcia


Looks delicious! Loved the trapping method used and the crushed snail bait. I love eel smoked, it's probably very much the same as how this man did it. Good job.

Author — ray sutton


Wow! He must have really been hungry to eat that much meat at one sitting!

Author — Robert Bliss


Ainda bem que os passarinhos está livre por que eles só comem cobras credo ele nem tirou às tripas dá cobra aí que nojo 😝😝

Author — Edileuza Barbosa


There was enough meat on that eel to bypass eating the guts and intestinal trappings....

Author — Sutikare Oluwagbenga


I'm one of the thousands viewers to ur episodes, , i hope someday I meet you in person, , good job men very inspiring and relaxing while watching 👍👍👍

Author — Ryan Conchada


cabra tão novo e tem éssa sabedoria deve vir de pais para filhos.

Author — Luiz Costa


Isto é ser corajoso amigo parabéns lindo vídeo ótimo trabalho abraços Like 10

Author — Alice rainha das pedras preciosas.


A nice way of lifesyle, simple leaving, no bills to pay no problem at all times.

Author — Seventeen Jhuly


man i hope that tastes as nice as it looks, looks amazing.

Author — Barry Brown


Electric eels. Show us the technique to catching that. It's been a while since I eaten eels.

Author — yack f zay


eel they where trapped in a smooth pit wished you would clean it before eating that eel.

Author — roger wilson


I’m not go lie I watched because the guy was hot.. dark Asian guys get me every time 🥵

Author — JacubT Scorpio


🤤🤤🤤terliur nengoknye..giler besa belutnye.

Author — sham mariani


10:00 belutnya lepas. Tiba2 byk lagi dilubanh

Author — Depp Firdaus


Its look taste good . im craving right now hahahaha

Author — Black TV


Is it just me or did this guy just eat the whole damn eel including the bones? 🤐 Does he have sandpaper lining for an oesophagus?

Author — Marvin Simbili


so i made it too . just by using woodprix scripts:)

Author — Chewning Witmer


Bagus jg, , , mengajarkan kita cara untuk terus bertahan hidup kalau tersesat di hutan, ,
Untuk PRAMUKA jg mendidik....

Author — NurrAiya Candra


Nggilani, , groboh ra ukur. Kemprohhh

Author — GESANG LP26