Brexit timeline: A look back at how the breakup developed

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As the post-Brexit trade deal comes into effect on New Year's Day, CGTN reporter looks back at the roots of the historic breakup.

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I was surprised to learn from one video I watched that Brexit was not a purely internal initiative, but with the prodding from Trump, in order to get the UK to depart from the EU and trade directly with the US

Now, what happens

Author — Ramon Ng


They netted at a less efficient free trade agreement (more overhead, forms, delays). Xenophobia and misinformation...

Author — Carlos Rodriguez


What is their queen doing ?🤔 something wrong.

Author — Mantvydas Mantvydėlis


As a Brit and proud of my country, good, bad or indifferent the question of loyalty re sovereignty has never been in question. What I, like so many others have seen over the decades is an attempt by those in the so called 'EU' to do all they can to erode that if not destroy it. The constant demands, some ridiculous such as laws on (I kid you NOT) 'straight bananas' showed just one ludicrous example of how some can truly be accused of wasting tax payers money. Several of the EU states were constantly arguing amongst themselves, delaying legislation, insisting on terms and conditions to suit their own interests and NOT as one entity that being the 'EU' which caused a serious rift within the 'EU'. In short civil war to put it simply within the 'EU'. 👀The final nail as they say in the coffin was this idea of a European army that would take over from each countries armed forces to serve as one force ? We are taken back to the days of the nazi's and Hiler who sought to ensure Europe was enslaved with ONE army. Tell that to a Brit who sees this in the wings and the answer is clear NOT a chance in HELL👀. Since 2016 when it was a unanimous decision by the UK people to LEAVE the 'EU' a minority some in places of authority, took every effort to make sure the wishes of that majority were trashed time after time. Delays, confrontations, misleading and often heavily biased information and activities to attempt to change the rule of law to suit themselves AND it is a FACT that the EU did all they could to encourage those troublemakers. Until (2019) finally Boris Johnson won a resounding victory over the so called 'remain' trouble makers, did the UK tell the 'EU' there was NO going back on what the people of the UK had decided from 2016 re leaving the 'EU''.😊 A year in 2020 that again saw a number of issues raised that were deliberate attempts to once again stir up trouble AND FACT, those in the 'EU' parliament throwing their weight around, making outrageous demands and causing problems. Dec 31st and at last! The UK is an independent nation once again. 👍😊The fight is still on re the attempts by the 'EU' to attempt to force us in the UK to do as we are told and that? They will be in for a shock. As a nation we have often surprised the world with our creativity, our diversity and the ability to stand up to those who think they can force us as a nation to do as we are told by them, when it is NOT in our interests. Merkel in Germany along with a lot of others re the 'EU' should not be forgotten for how they trashed Europe with taking in immigrants and allowing illegals, terrorists, people trafficking and worse to happen within their borders often without secure checks in place to stop the criminals. Murderers, rapists, con artistes, muggers, thieves and of course FACT; terrorists.👀 We as those who supported leaving the 'EU' have been celebrating since 11pm (2300hrs) on the 31st Dec 2020.👍😊 Many of us are looking forward to doing trade with others across the world ON EQUAL terms. Lastly China should not be taken in by those attempting to 'hogwash' or 'brainwash' those of us by using politics re ie Hong Kong (China) their policies often dictated by the USA etc We have a mind of our own AND contrary to ie the USA we can THINK and JUDGE for ourselves as to what the truth is. NOT the often misleading, misinformation and untruths NOT backed up by FACTS that some throw at us. 👀The message is clear, not interfering in our countries actions, politics, trade, industry and prosperity BUT that also applies to ANY independent country. ie CHINA, ie HONG KONG (China) ! 👀👍Those of us who know the meaning of the word 'hypocrisy' know all too well those who practice that when it suits them. 👍Seasons greetings to all whoever, wherever you are; here's to a prosperous new year for 2021. 👀👍

Author — Arthur Danielles


Uk government failed to handle coronavirus 🙄

Author — Nilesh Bhattacharya


Brexit divorced is still bumpy roads ahead.

Author — SummerShine