Boris v Dave: The history of their rivalry - BBC Newsnight

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Boris v Dave: The history of their rivalry - BBC Newsnight 4.5

The EU referendum campaign at times seemed like a personal battle between David Cameron and Boris Johnson. Their rivalry has history. For Newsnight, Michael Cockerell looks at the relationship between the two men - and how it influenced the contest. (N.B. This aired on the programme on 22 June 2016)

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"I think all this talk of WW3 & Bubonic Plague is demented frankly" - has not aged well. 9:20

Автор — Mr Jakub


Interesting to read now in March 2020, in lockdown due to Coronavirus

Автор — jean myers


As a child, I used to love watching the Muppets, I never expected that they’d go on to run the country.

Автор — James Roberts


Interesting to watch in 2019. Seems Boris won afterall.

Автор — Tunsman


We've got the plague, so when's WWIII?

Автор — TheUnswatableMidge


I honestly feel bad for Cameron because it seems since Eton, he was just that academic kid that wanted to be cool while Boris was, and that set the stone for their entire relationship
It's like he finally becomes PM and accomplishes something greater than boris, and then boris is the face of a movement that leads Cameron to resign
And if that's not bad enough, Boris then takes his failed position, has the greatest victory since thatcher and gets done what Cameron didn't even try

Автор — andrew sutherland


So he was sacked from the Tories, for lieing now he, s got a top Job with them. lol

Автор — stu crawford


It's interesting how they knew each other for 40 years, but my goodness that's a long time to know someone that long.

Автор — Henry Lechmere


England's leaders seem to be living in a "Chums" fantasy world where any catastrophe can be fixed in the next episode.

Автор — DataWaveTaGo


"He persuaded a reluctant Johnson to stand..."

What a choice of words haha

Автор — JMcKinley


they both fell in love by the same pig when they were young and heart

Автор — Jorge Gomez


I love the Johnson smile when he's out in public campaigning lol

Автор — Lorenz Müller


Just watching Boris talk after bunking of work for 5 weeks, and it becomes clear that being a leader or any one in a position of power does not necessarily require any talent, he sounds like an absolute idiot, no oratory skills, waffles on and labours the same point. Above all just does not sound engaging or convincing as a world leader.

I struggle to understand what these people have done in 10 years apart from line the pockets of there friends with tax payers money and assets. Let us not forget 10 years ago we as a country where flourishing now we are an utter mess.

Автор — Shaz Gently


The scale of the Brexit wounds 'remains' to be seen

Автор — Olajide


Boris ambition has no limits, do never forget that.

Автор — Quota Ntamele


5:27 “He Got Stuck” 😂🤣😂
Sounds like HE is doing the sticking,
to the people in your country sir.

Автор — Gray


Boris Johnson's second article was "in order to support my Prime Minister and my party, it would be better to say in". Clever sidestep, but BS. What sort of Telegraph article would that be? "Dear Telegraph readers, I hate the EU but I endorse Remain because of party loyalty". That's not an article. That's not an argument. Of course it was more than that. Of course he was always as pro-EU as pro-leave and personal ambition swayed him.

Автор — Bohemian Feminist


Boris' truck trailer had "vote leave" on it, but was pulled by a truck from the company "Europa".. what a knob

Автор — leuvenlife


hardly any references to their "history"

Автор — Robert Jewkes


I think the only reason Johnson did what he did was Cameron dropping more and more hints that he wanted Osbourne as his successor.

Автор — aperson22222