Full-Auto Should be Banned? #Shorts

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Author — Minnesota Airsoft


Honestly all my build focus on trigger response because of how mad people get at full auto.

Author — Orion


We all know the rule:
"There is not full auto in buildings"
-Some Airsoft Player

Author — Rockstar Games R*


“ I paid for the whole magazine so I’m gonna use the whole magazine” lol

Author — Diablo bmp3 3345


"You just A10 'd the entire field"💀💀

Author — Yeatz


The novorich p90 also has a tendency to jam a lot. And it's basicly a slap reload. Slamming it into place to get it to work. It's also loud af. It's a mid range weapon for outdoors areas. Ment to tear though wooded areas. Kick did a great video displaying these weapon as well as the short review at the end of his video

Author — Cytus Allcore


There's a rule in my field where you can have any rate of fire but only in bursts of about 2 or 3 seconds, which I think is pretty fair, it stops people with high cap mags just spraying but it also keeps most people happy. You are always going to get some people upset but I believe there is no point nerfing people who take the sport seriously just to cater for a few new (tourist type/holiday or birthday event) players, and this is coming from a person who runs a gbbr with 25 round mag capacity

Author — Joey Moore


"Full auto gets Banned"

Minigun players:

Author — Mia_PMG


Full auto pre-fire spray. Just amazing when you run from cover to cover and get your teammates to a better position, so they can take a better shot or simply get out of a tricky situation . However, me and my friends run out of ammo really fast

Author — Maksimilyan Sytchev


I kinda get both sides of the story. At one end, you can hold the trigger and have a laser beam, but you run out of ammo like crazy, while on the other hand, its fun.

I think a good comprimise is to allow full auto, however limit how many BBs it can hold. However the exception to this rule are Airsoft guns like LMG classes where so long as its rate of fire isnt a high amount, it is allowed to have as much BBs as it wants, but the issue is finding a good limit where it makes it fair to play with/agaisnt, while also not removing the freedom of choice.

Author — Sir. Vapenation


I’d like to see realistic fire rates for their respective guns, it would bring more immersion and you can’t really be mad at it since it’s just dope

Author — DeathWatch Fury


Depends on when and where you use it. In an outdoor milsim game where you’re using an M249 mounted onto an armored vehicle to provide cover, yes. Using it to murder 13 children in CQB, no.

Author — Bababooey (Y3cho66T)


“You pretty much just A-10’d the entire field.”
comedy 100

Author — Sohum Gupta


I own one airsoft gun that I let the seals go out on from never firing it so my opinion maybe doesn't mean too much but there really shouldn't be a rate of fire limitation. That's.... ridiculously silly.. unless you're setting variants like only pump shotguns or revolvers or you're trying for a certain theme in the match so you want slow firing. I mean, your playing war games. Tactical scenarios. Some guns shoot faster than others in war. What SHOULD have limitations on it is fps depending on the weapon type and distance of the shot. Getting shot with a 400fps sniper from 20 yards away wouldn't hurt as bad as 10 yards. Getting sprayed with a 400fps P90 from 'machine gun' distances would suck. So maybe higher rates of fire being capped at lower fps.

Author — AkihikoTakeba


Just like in real life, the most furious arms race happens in the regulatory offices and R&D facilities, not on an actual battlefield.

Weapon too strong? Regulate it.
Weapon too weak? Research for a more effective one but don't tell anybody. Use it once or twice and agree to ban it afterwards because it's inhumane / environment (real reason being other sides learned to copy it so well you don't have an edge anymore).

I'm not 'for' or 'against' the thing shown in a video btw, i'm just fuсking angry at all sides that would rather keep giving themselves an edge to turn on each other instead of agreeing on that we're all people and we all want to have fun.

And it's not about airsoft really, it'd about cassete bombs, drone swarms, etc etc.

Sorry if i ruined your mood, couldn't keep my shit off internet because i'm not ok.

Airsoft is fun. I like airsoft.

Author — BoopyTheFox


I agree that it is a tad unsportsmanlike but a large part of the fun one gets from airsoft is the realistic elements, so rather than banning full auto I believe such guns should be limited to the rate of fire their live ammunition counterparts have.

Author — Voltaic Fire


IRL and in video games, the trade off to full auto is recoil and difficulty in controlling where the bullets go. In airsoft, there’s no trade off or “balancing” for a massive fire rate opposed to a sniper, minus maybe velocity of the rounds

Author — Oxy Gen


You should be limited to realistic rates of fire for that specific replica. I know you can mess around with all kinds of things in real steel to effect rates of fire but I mean as standard. You want a fast rate of fire you buy a specific weapon for saod rate of fire

Author — Mike The Brummie


im a man, a full auto 0.25g bb doesnt kill me and i like the pain it gives. after all i laugh it off after a match. i havent played airsoft but playing paintball close range and getting hit nearly ten times on my everywhere didnt ennoy me but it was kinda good and enjoyable. the stress feeling mid match is also something that everyone should experience

Author — ParsaPrism tips


There's a rule in the field where i go to that you can't full auto someone from 5 meter or less

Author — succ nutt