S02E37 - Adding Cloud Value - Co-Management (I.T)

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ConfigMgr Co-Management

00:00 - Intro
00:30 - Ravi Kalwan introduction
01:54 - S02E34 - The Big 3 - How to add Cloud Value to an On-Premises Environment w/ Danny Guillory
03:30 - Configuration manager cloud attach and client workloads
05:38 - What is cloud attach?
09:02 - Client-attach
09:30 - Tenant attach
16:55 - What is co-management?
22:50 - Getting ready for co-management
30:40 - S02E29 - Beginners Guide to Accessing On-Premises Resources with Azure AD Joined Devices
31:57 - Enabling co-management - ConfigMgr side
39:05 - Enabling co-management - client side
43:10 - Client auto-enrollment configuration
46:05 - Troubleshooting auto-enrollment
48:36 - End-user and admin experience
53:52 - ConfigMgr demo
59:12 - Client demo
1:04:20 - Co-management capabilities
1:13:20 - Co-management workloads
1:27:30 - Co-management – Multiple Pilot Policies
1:28:12 - Troubleshooting, reports and common failures
1:35:08 - Internet devices with CMG
1:37:40 - Enabling co-management #Just4Clicks
1:40:48 - Wrap up

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Ravi Kalwani - Microsoft Senior Program Manager

Steve Hosking - Microsoft MMD Team

Adam Gross - Microsoft MVP - Enterprise Mobility

Ben Reader - Microsoft MVP - Enterprise Mobility

Jake Shackelford - Desktop Engineer

💬 Comments

Awesome!! video, congrats! One question: does the computer needs to be in state "Hybrid Azure AD joined" in Azure AD as a requirement for enrolling the machine on Intune and enabling co-management?

Author — Oscar Pello Rovira


Glad you guys did this one. We have a big gap in the support for Co-Management (Microsoft or Partners).

Author — Terriss Burton


Really great video, Thanks Ravi's for great knowledge and the way you delivered is really cool.

Author — mubashir javed


Hmm I'm confused by Ravi's definition and the practical indicators of whether a device is co-managed. Every MS doc I've been through and the steps I've taken in our own environment - the device MUST be AAD Joined in order to be co-managed - I mean that's what shows both in Intune)MEM and MECM consoles as a measure of success for Co-management. Being AAD enrolled and/or Intune enrolled does not give the status of co-managed - as I understand it.

Author — Nazid Kimmie


Great video! Love the deep dive. Looking forward to the next one.

Author — Martin Cayer


Great video, however I am struggling to see the value of tenant attach if I enable a CMG or is that the point. Do Tenant attach or CMG?

Author — Ted M


There are still thousands of GPO's that are not natively supported by Intune policies... it just can't replace GPO's like for like... appreciate the enthusiasm though! Its why we looked at PolicyPak for getting us extended policy control with Intune...

Author — Nazid Kimmie


Is it possible to configure co-management and enable mam policies for the windows 10 devices ?

Author — Antonios Trihas


Another great video, thanks for the shout out 👌

Author — Ben Whitmore


MECM 2203 does not display the Co-Management option beneath Cloud Services node but rather Cloud Attach

Author — Gamma Ray Burst


Hang on - so hybrid join is not recommended for new devices? Even on-prem? What happens with GPO et al?

Author — Mark Burland


"No Group Policy", Configuration Profiles!!! partner lol

Author — Ivan Rosa