I Try Jewelry Subscription Boxes

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I Try Jewelry Subscription Boxes 5

I wanted to up my jewelry game so found three jewelry subscription boxes to try out!

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I hope they clean the jewelry properly when it's returned...

Author — Maria A


I didn’t know people were so picky about jewelry “aging” you. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with “sophisticated” jewelry.

Author — Gracie


sharing earrings with total strangers gives me the heebie jeebies. oof.

Author — LilCuckooBananas


Speaking for myself, I don't think that most subscription boxes are for me as I wouldn't want to get cluttered with so much (jewelry, clothing, etc) that I might not even wear. The subscriptions that interest me most are for books but even then I'd rather check books out from the library if I'm unsure if I'll like them.

Author — Meghan


If you feel like the jewelry is too sophisticated, wear it with a solid color tshirt and pants with a simple pattern. ♡

Author — Anneliese BB


Seems like you could find much nicer pieces for the same price/less

Author — Ema Kasun


Jokes on you, I’m too broke to afford jewelry

Author — -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction


When your dog gets a subscription box but you don’t 😑

Author — Ellie Gordon


Wooah, calm down, you're way over thinking the jewelry accessories.

Author — rla26368


$20-30 a month : Pretty pricey for stickers!
These boxes may work for some, but I'd much rather see what I am buying. You can check out the quality in the store.

The long chain would have worked nicely against a solid black top. It's long for a reason - to stand out and be seen, I wouldn't call it a "dated" look but definitely a classic.

Don't dismiss a classic look.

Author — rosencain


I feel like she cares too much about what others think about how she look, just wear what you think is pretty and you feel comfortable with girl !!! ❤️

Author — Alexia


I love how she's questioning if 2 pieces of jewelry is too much, while I worked somewhere that literally had a "6 piece rule" where you needed to be wearing a minimum of 6 accessories.

Author — Kayla


Her sister is hilarious!! That is something I would say to my sister and vice versa. "You're necklace looks more expensive than you are" 😂😂

Author — Kimag


Earrings shouldn’t be rented agh... love the video though !

Author — Ella Lucy


8:08 "Harry for President" 😂 Anyone else noticed?

Author — Sherine Victoria


you should try higher priced boxes. Every few months I treat myself to a XIO by Ylette box. It's expensive but so beautiful! More expensive video version please! Love ya'll!!

Author — Abby Miller


For those new to jewelry, I recommend finding one or two versatile pieces you feel comfortable in and wear them almost everyday! It’s a great place to start and then find nicer quality versions of your favorites that will last.

Author — Bri B


i love hearing chloe (and becky) accents over time because they sound less english each time you hear them

Author — SnEAkErHEaD


that palm leaf necklace was gorgeous! 😍

Author — Sofia V



Author — Neptune Meditation