Luffy vs Katakuri || The Next Trial to become King || One Piece

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Luffy vs Katakuri || The Next Step to becoming King || One Piece

One Piece chapter 878 is out!!!


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Totally agree with you Joy Boy. Oda already foreshadowed Luffy learning new abilities when we saw Katakuri mimic a gum gum-esque attack. Carrot even points it out.

And remember when Mihawk almost cuts Luffy's hands off in Marine Ford but he "saw" it happening so he decided not to go for it? Possible foreshadow. Maybe Luffy will also be able to master his observation haki to at least a point in which he could see maybe 5 seconds into the future

(Since we know Katakuri can do 15 seconds, but has trained it longer and better than Luffy)
So it would be like a step closer to Yonko level observation eventually :P

Anyways awesome vid Joy Boy. (y)

Author — Raymar Football


*Luffy* : Wants to conserve energy
*Also Luffy* : Fights with a Yonko commander for 11 hours

Author — Rakin UK


Do people not remember Luffy fought all day and let himself get beat up by Bellamy before he fought doffy, and while in gear 4 he tooled doffy

Author — Gold Slash


This Fight will show all the development that luffy has trained for. Without a doubt, the biggest moment for luffy after the time skip.

Author — Usama Ali


Luffy pulls a naruto and convinces katakuri to join him 😂😂

Author — Manik Sahdev


Yo Joyboy I have been spreading this theory around. Let me know what you think:

*How Luffy will fight Katakuri:*

So Katakuri is made of mochi which is rice paste. If you heat rice paste it becomes rice. Luffy has a fire called Red hawk. We have already seen that haki alone doesn't touch Katakuri so Luffy needs something else. Katakuri can also see into the further which will be terrifying in a one on one. Significant speed could probably counter the ability to see the future. It doesn't matter if you know what's going to happen if you can't react to it. So imo, Luffy will need speed, haki and fire. I think Luffy's next form will be *Gear 4th Blaze man or Red man.* Luffy will focus on muscle ballooning his legs so he is super fast. Every time he moves, he ignites. So imagine Gomu gomu no Red Kong Organ.

My evidence for this is in chapter 877. Hawk gatling which is a normal Haki attack goes straight through Katakuri but Red hawk Katakuri clashed with it. Why would he clash with Red hawk if it would phase through him too?

Author — Vladhimir Theophile


Fuck it.. Team Luffy. He has to win to progress.

Author — Monkey Business


I feel like WCI as a whole is being used to establish power scaling before Wano. We see the power of a Yonko in Big Mom, and I assume Luffy's full power against Katakuri. It's 1v1, so we'll see how he goes alone.

Author — Evan Kearney


Luffy may have a power that has been hidden because it could harm those surrounding him. Now that the fight is taking place in the mirror world, he has the chance to go all out.

Author — MAC


One Piece Editor: It's the year of Sanji get hype MOFO!

Samji fan: Omg Omg Omg!

Sanji: I'M Baking cake! 😂😂😂

Author — John von Shepard


so we all gonna forget that they left sanji on wholecake island to make that cake

Author — Gabriel 1


You finnally think the same as me . Untill now Oda have always manage luffy to get to fights tired and not in the best condition, this is a way to make the set ups full of suprise and still make us question ourselves is luffy gonna make it or not, but the truth is luffy have like an animal instinct he sense if the opponent is stronger than him or he actually can take it down, luffy had never any hesitation in affirming that he gonna take down the yonko's he would never do that if he doesn't know that he can't beat them, also don't forget that Rayleih chose the iland where luffy have spent two year training, and he have a clear idea about the power luffy gonna be against too, and after the time skip Rayleih after seing luffy he said now you are ready, all the time luffy have struggled is because of the set ups not because he isn't strong enough ! In my opinion

Author — Natsu dragnir


what If he only pushes Katakuri back then grabs the unconscious Brulee and searches for a mirror to hop out of trapping Katakuri in the mirror world

Author — ZayyStrong


I feel like the strawhats haven't even begun to show their true strength for instance how Luffy so calmly and proudly said "I promise I'll be back" and once on the other side stood like a boss smashing the way to his ship, stating we can fight all we want here... Luffy has something up he's sleeve

Author — Alex Boche


Katakuri isn't on a jogger pedestal in the story. 100 million berries isn't a big difference between the 3 sweet commander siblings. WE fans put him on a pedestal and Luffy gets stronger every fight.

Author — Kitt Clouds


actual pronunciation: ka - ta - koo - ri

westerners: kkaaahtaykyuri

Author — Soumil Sahu


Inb4 katakuri gets distracted with random constant future prediction visions from the mirrors :D

Author — Phenomatron


i know it is a bad thing to do but these videos are getting me hyped for the fight.

Author — Akemi Homura


After seeing Katakuri, I imagine Luffys awakening being similar to Katakuris fighting style. He could produce rubber like Katakuri and he could get cut apart but make the rubber reattach itself

Author — mortl


7:53 to 7:54 senpai finally admitted 😂

Author — Travel on Dominar