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This video contains a paid for advertisement by Special K.
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Hi Guys. Thanks for your comments. I hear you. No need to add any more for now, it’s been received! (Feeling a bit overwhelmed).

All I can say is that I do genuinely like the product that I chose to promote, I would never work with a product I don’t like. I’m sorry if the campaign and messaging wasn’t a natural fit for some of you, I work hard to try to get it to a place that I feel would keep both you guys and the brand happy - I was personally happy with the video overall.

I’ll be back on Sunday with my December favourites so if you weren’t happy with this video, there’s always the next one. X

Author — Lily Pebbles


I'm 62 and haven't wanted to eat breakfast ever. After decades of hearing about what I "should" eat when, I am content trusting and following what feels right for me.

I understand that perhaps you need guidance, but this feels off. After documenting spending time off and contemplating where you're headed, I must say that this sounds like you have ultimately decided to support commercial enterprise that benefits you.

Author — Holly


“The power of positive nutrition” — Special K ??! 😆😆😆

Author — Milo the rescue cat


OMG Lily that was the smallest portion ever! I was like “POUR MORE MOREEEE” 😂😂😂😂. Im such a pig, I eat my cereal like chips 😂😂😂😂

Author — Teresa Centeno


Hi Lily, Trinny Woodall just did a healthy food shop collab video. You should check it out as she goes through the breakfast/cereal aisle! It was a bit scary to see how many things I've bought/eaten that actually are kinda bad for you. I struggle with breakfast too! And being in veterinary school I have to be out the door at 7am everyday. I need a routine so I totally feel you.

Author — lydia anderson


I think Special K’s nutrition campaign here is misleading. There is a lot of added sugar, no fibre, and no protein. Adding vitamins doesn’t make it ok. A bowl of porridge would be far more nutritious. Of course it’s Lily’s prerogative to get behind this campaign but it’s a shame- a lot of viewers will watch this and think cereals constitute a nutritious breakfast. But that’s the power a big brand has I suppose.

Author — RiRi Rodriguez


Love you Lily! According the comments, I think I might be the only person who actually eats cereal for breakfast. I think some of the people who are upset about the sugar content would probably have a heart attack if they visited the breakfast aisle in a French grocery store. 😂 Even when I was in the hospital they offered me a large bowl of hot chocolate to dip my bread in in the morning.

Author — Patti Lynn Q


I love your videos, watched them for many years and you mention many times (MANY TIMES) you dislike breakfast and never have it. I couldn’t care less about Special K being “healthy” or not like some of the comments, it was more you have chosen to highlight a breakfast cereal which everyone knows you just don’t eat as part of your routine. You say you choose to show products you use and love yet this product just seems so far away from you being you.

Author — Rachel Watson


Just seems odd going from beauty to cereal, especially a big brand like special k

Author — ylin17


Only issue with special k is the sugar. Much better to avoid sugar in the mornings if possible

Author — sarah a.w


Love watching your videos - just not this ad, as I hate everything it stands for and it doesn’t promote healthy food/living. When I was young I used to watch Special K ads on TV where they made you believe that this was an healthy breakfast option that would actually keep you fit and would help you lose weight. Little did I know. I wish my 13 year old self didn’t have to watch brands like these brainwash you. So I was quite sad to see you were endorsing them. Surely you’re entitled to your own opinion. I’m just personally very strongly against this brand and what it stands for.

Author — Teresa S


Y'all are talking about special k but the most scandalous part of this vid is Rich only getting two pasta bowls for his grandma. 😂😂😂

Author — theircapitolways


Really liked this vlog! I skipped the ad part though, but since I am free to do so, I don't mind you putting it in. Hope you had a great christmas Lily!

Author — Lily Black


In one cup of Soecial K, there’s only 6 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar (read the box). Eat the fruit and drink the milk. This is educating us about a healthy breakfast-please.

Author — Margy Slater


I love how your family does the secret Santa. I think it’s so important not to be too excessive at Christmas

Author — Rana


Great post Lily...love to see how others prepare for the holidays. Happy New Year to you and Rich!!

Author — Lori Wagner


The way you wrapped your presents was so pretty! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! x

Author — Sabina


I eat oats every morning for breakfast but still appreciated this video Lily! It’s cool to see what other people eat - whether it’s trying something new etc so thanks for this 😊

Author — Lottie 95


Hi beautiful Lily! So glad you uploaded while I'm having my pamper evening, I love your videos! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you lots of love and luck for 2018! xoxo

Author — Rachael Divers


Lilly, You have some of the best content and are one of the most hard working youtubers. The Ad was only a small part of this video and I personally love cereal. If all the people complaining, have so many wonderful ideas makes me wonder why they don't make their own videos! Please don't take the comments to heart there are so many of us that love your content, all of it. ❤️

Author — Jennifer Boyle