When is a pandemic over?

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When is a pandemic over? 5

Explore the three strategies governments and communities can use to contain and end a pandemic, and find out which method is best.


Consider the following scenario: a highly infectious, sometimes deadly respiratory virus infects humans for the first time. It spreads rapidly worldwide, and the WHO declares a pandemic. The death toll starts to rise and everyone is asking the same question: when will the pandemic end? Alex Rosenthal details the three main strategies governments can use to contain and end a pandemic.

Lesson by Alex Rosenthal, directed by Visorama.

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To future kids coming here for history class:

Yeah it sucked

Автор — Brickyy


50 years into the future:
"Who else came here because they have a history exam tomorrow?"

Автор — Gacha Glint


I wanna see all the "whos here after corona" comments that'll show up

Автор — Valerie Gonzalez


It's over when Americans makes a movie about it being over

Автор — Madhu Sudhan


*When is a pandemic over?
TED-Ed: *Pandemic is over when it's over* 😎👍

Автор — DogsDojo


Future of this comment section: "WhO's HeRe AfTeR tHe ViRuS?"

Автор — Aagash Baheerathan


2019:stay away from negative people
2020: stay away from positive people

Автор — Kiranmai Naidu


Our parents: try to tell us stories about how bad they got it.

Us in the future: Ahh, daughter or son, let me tell you about covid 19...

Автор — Haihong Sun


Remember when you wished everyone Happy new year

It was not a Happy new year

Автор — Amrit KAUR


we cant crush the virus with vaccine because karen over here is AnTi VaCcInE

Автор — Judy Al-qurnawi


Can’t believe we’re all in a future history lesson right now

Автор — Mishaal Khawaja


Future generation history classes
BC: Before CoVID 19
AD: After Disease

Автор — saran drk


People on December 31st: Finally, we survived 2020!
_looks up in the sky_

Автор — Caitlin Rico


Three isn’t happening. People are “partying” on beaches rn and rioting and protesting during it. I hate humanity. I really do.

Автор — BitterVoid


The sad thing is that many people don't listen to the rules...

Автор — Catie Peihe


Never had i ever thought that i was going to see a pandemic in my life

Автор — Amir Mili


one day i’m going to go on twitter and see “WHO certifies a COVID vaccine, pandemic to be over soon” i’ll cry of joy for real.

edit: just to clarify, i never said it would happen soon. also the virus does not have to be fully eradicated for a pandemic to be over, there just needs to be adequate control over it.

Автор — Anosha Kamran


A normal person: When is the pandemic gonna end?

America: Laughs in American

Viral Karen: iTs a ViOlaTion Of OuR HumAn RiGhtS To weAR a MAsk

Future history book: it lasted longer than it should have



Автор — Fatum


Answer: when the Wikipedia article says "was" instead of "is"

Автор — Jackson Sweet


Who’s here because they’re studying for history?

Автор — Aiden Bowen