Universal Studios Orlando Jaws Ride HD POV (FULL RIDE) Last day!

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Today was the last day for the Jaws ride at Universal Studios in Orlando. I filmed it several times today. This is with skipper Ashton, she was excellent. This area will become part of The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter as Diagon Alley which will be expanded in the near future.

Filmed on Monday January 2nd, 2012.

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Even though its all plastic, i would still shit my pants if i fell in that water.

Author — Anth1992


I have thalassophobia and I know goddamn well no matter how goofy that shark looked I would've cried on this

Author — satan is an anime boy


Just always remember how HOT that fire felt!

Author — tornatic1983


i went on this ride in universal studios in japan with the dude i was dating back then. he assured me i would be less scared if i sat closest to the water on the left side of the ride bc the shark wouldn't pop up as much there. i nearly pissed myself.

Author — Heddan


3:35 did she just throw gator aid t o put it out-

Author — Vanessa Montalvan


I just love how enthusiastic the lady in the front is (forgot her name 😂) but I just love that she's putting so much effort into each and every group that rides it! It's nice to see people who care about giving people a good time. Sorry getting a bit deep there

Author — Grier Dreamer


You’re actually pretty lucky because your probably the last person to go on there jaws ride actually close down

Author — Ashley Brimm


I can't believe this video has over 100 million views. It just goes to show how beloved this attraction is and how it made our day at the park. Jaws will always be my favorite ride of all time.

Author — Alexander Backert


i was 8 when i went on this ride first and i actually found it funny but a tiny bit scary when u go in you the dark shed

Author — Kate Chandler Murphy


I swear this ride still gives me ptsd to this day. I wish ten year old me did not sit on the edge where the shark came up

Author — •Miss Gurl•


I remembered I told my parents on the studio tour no surprises and they made me sit window seat

Author — Eshaan Simha


All thats so sad! My dads favorite movie is jaws and he would probably would have loved to go there!😥

Author — Sassy Mares YT


went on this in the mid 90's as a kid.... was jaw dropping whole time

Author — 40ozmangi


Idk if anyone remembers But I was the kid that got lost after riding this. My family was so terrified that they ran when we got off the Boat 😂😂😂

Author — Tay Money


im surprised nobody yelled we're gonna need a bigger boat

Author — Dat Boi Kipzs


I’m really happy I got to see experience this ride before it shut down!

Author — Anna Banana


going to universal studios next month as a kid always wanted to go but kinda sad it’s gone :(

Author — Allucent


Uuugh they should revamp this ride and bring it back! I loved Jaws man!

Author — Natural Beauty


You can tell the videographer has been on this ride a few times before. They always knew where to look!

Author — kyle


In the dark is wen my fireball shooters would come out 😂🙈

Author — Josh Aranda