Evidence of the Anunnaki

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Evidence of the Anunnaki 4.5
Academia deems Sitchin is wrong, yet with each passing day it seems scientific and archaeological discoveries serve to bolster the veracity of Sitchin’s thesis while those same discoveries are causing the academics to rewrite their textbooks.

This presentation is an updated remastered version of a video the Archive released a few years back. The second half includes a brand-new exclusive interview with Alessandro Demontis where he analyzes the veracity of Sitchin's translations and the errors of Michael Heiser.


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This is scary. We are still slaves we wake up every morning going to work to keep this world running for the elites.

Author — d campbell


Gratitude !!! This is great great work ! - difficult to state what is truth ... but you are searching - and presenting ideas and research. Thank you so much for sharing !!!

Author — Brian Tomczyk


Of course they are not going to tell us the truth because the truth would set us free from their rule.

Author — Kenneth Akin


Thank you so much for your hard work putting these productions together. Already can’t wait to see your next one.

Author — Eli Anderson


We could be a warrior race created to guard the annunaki. And when we unlock our a abilities as humans or light beings, we will be employed as the warriors we are fighting that which is spiritually inclined.

Author — jose torres


I just wanna know how the Egyptians leveled the great pyramids within half an inch
That’s incredible

Author — Snap C1ty


The more I research about the Annunaki the more and more it relates to the bible scriptures of the Nephlim. Everything has a different name depending on the country and the language of that place. When the second set of angels fell from heaven to breed with humans and taught us everything we know in the time of Enoch before he was taken by God. It not only speaks of this in the book of Genesis but also in the book of Enoch and all through the bible scriptures. It is all the same, just depends on where you come from on what you are called. All of it, everything is the truth.

Author — Jeannie Long


We have no idea how big this really is, keep reading. There are only small bits being disclosed to us, and the new awakening is just that; waking up in the spirit of new knowledge being given to us for those who are ready. "When the student is ready the teacher will come."

Author — Blue Butterfly


Enki is described in the Bible in Proverbs 30:4 kjv.
And mentioned as "God of the earth" in Psalms 97:5, Zechariah 4:14 and the parallel verse Revelation 11:4.

In reference to the 36, 000 year reign before the flood of Dumuzi, Enki's first earth born son, king Solomon gave the temple a volume of 36, 000 cubic cubits.

Author — A. Q.


If Nibiru collided with Tiamat to form Earth then surely there would have been a cataclysm of sorts on Nibiru or was Nibiru unaffected by this collision?

Author — Hibernia63


Sitchin probably wasn't 100% accurate, but for sure he was the closest one to telling the truth about human origin and history.



Keep digging people! Were nearly there! ❤️

Author — Enki Anu


good points. great video. the connections are just too obvious to deny this i'd say

Author — Phriiquency


I'm wondering if the Mayan calendar was based on a shar. Everytime Niburu passes it would create a new world. Major Earth changes.

Author — Lasflechasverdes


I want to see a new movie about our real world history, with our Annunaki gods as the stars of the movie...blockbuster

Author — peter kobra


How much more prove do ppl want it does all add up

Author — amy hanrahan


The Anunnaki are pack of selfish a..holes who can care less about any of us. We are just tools, fodder and prizes in their ongoing pissing matches between each other.

Author — Todd Barker


The fact that Humans does indeed have spliced Dna ..This should be considered scientifically ..some scientific communities recognized the spliced pair as part "Alien" Simply because it cannot be identified? ...evolution cannot account for this? We have 2 less pair than primates, yet We are far more superior in intelligence? ....in Whole The Scientific community lies, , , evolution is their religion ..and the Truth will always be covered up...Lyod pye, s death is one example of the Truth being squashed..

Author — TIM W


The Annunaki gave us the Bible long before Abraham only they worhsiped multiple gods.

Author — TheProdigalFrog


I love alternative science ‘ I don’t believe any thing mainstream comes out with they lie and lie and lie

Author — james dickson