Loading a Romanian AK-47 Drum at SGAmmo.com

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

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I'll have to order one of these next time I get ammo from you guys.  I already have two.  Very cool magazines!  Thanks for the video.

Author — Lex & Cinnabon


I just bought one today and I was a little confused on the loading process. thanks for making this video

Author — Brandon Balogh


"Hey Oliver bring me my AK from my desk.     LOL you couldn't say that at my work without creating a situation.    Love your store thanks for the video!

Author — Oheeeoh


You just loaded 72 rounds in a 75-round drum. To load this drum in a right way, you need to load the first three rounds, push them up into the feeding well, and then load the rest 72 rounds.

Author — Семён Семёныч


thank you, very detailed clip.
thx oiler.

Author — Carlos DeLaGarza


You are lucky your range lets you bring loaded mags I had to unload 12 mags one day lol

Author — GRIMMEY757


Are they bolt hold open after last shot?

Author — Gorgi9999


*when The Hungarian kid in class becomes a commie.*

Author — Nicholai


anyone know if it's OK to store ammo inside and leave the spring tension on it when it's loaded for a few days prior to going to the range? I just don't want it to break cause of too much tension left on it when cranked.

Author — Stacking9mm


Would that drum fit a AK47 zastava m70

Author — Carlos Avelar


you can store ammo in drum with no stention on I it an this fool really doesn't know how to load a drum

Author — Joseph Flowers