The New World Order Deception - Nader Mansour

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

The New World Order deception and the great reset are exposed in this video. Learn about the dark forces behind the new world order and their plans to enslave humanity. Are the elite really using manufactured emergencies as a pretext to push their agenda of control and domination? Do they want to strip us of our freedoms and turn us into obedient slaves? What does all this have to do with the kingdom of God? These questions and more are addressed in this video. Discover what YOU can do in response.

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Thank you, Brother Nader. I love your sermons and videos. Be richly blessed, the Lord be with you.🙏🏼❤

Author — Jott Kah


May God bless your family, you are among the front line soldiers of Christ, you are constantly in our prayers. Thirsty for truth from Iran.

Author — nasser parvareshnia


Thank you for reminding me what it's all about. I have been so discouraged by the non reception of the gospel when I share it and the backlash I receive when I say we should be walking in obedience to the Lord.

Author — WatchWoman on the Vine


Praise YHWH Almighty in His only begotten’s name! Bless you dearly brother Nader for this brilliant teaching. May our King and Most High Priest keep leading and inspiring you

Author — Zeroschi 17


Thank you for this wonderful message, Sir. A new light on the message of John the Baptist "the kingdom of Heaven is at hand", the Spiritual Kingdom. You are truly a preacher that is inspired by the Spirit of God. May God bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏

Author — gummy bear


Shalom Brother Nader. I've thanked The LORD for His timely message of clear directives and way on how to meet the circumstances that are about to come upon the people of GOD unawares. We have a more sure Word of Prophecy to rely on as witnesses of truth to the perishing. This world is truly the biggest cemetery in the universe unless JESUS is accepted as Redeemer and Savior!. Maranatha💙🙏🏽

Author — Taliyah Aviles


Thank you Brother Nadar and God bless you and your family. Praying for your ministry.

Author — Claudia Solomon


Beautiful message and promise. Thank you for this study; it improved my understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven and the working of the adversary in this world.

Author — Thomas Michaud


Excellent presentation as always Nader!

Author — Alric Williams


I praise God for you and the strength the Lord has given you. Your a man of God and have spirit and truth . All glory to our Father in Heaven. Thank you for everything you do ☺️☺️ May you be hidden behind Calvary Cross and covered with the blood of the lamb. In Jesus name Amen

Author — Jess


Amen and Beautiful! Thank you Nader for giving us greater understanding of Christ's "New World Order!"

Author — L B


Well researched, point on! Thank you Brother Nader Mansour

Author — A John


Beautiful Light!... ¡Thank you Lord... Thank you brother Nader!



Thankyou Nader for another great message.. God Bless

Author — Carrol Sullivan


May my grandchildren be protected! Amen!

Author — awfelia


I'm only half way thru but this is Awesome. Big picture as far as the Great Controversy. Thank you Brother Nader.

Author — John Limpach, Jr.


I love that you touched upon all this nonsense of “harbouring your inner power and the secret is blah blah” our lord and saviour is the only thing we need. Happy sabbath my friends 🤍🤍🤍

Author — sadie


GBU Brother Nader an excellent and timely presentation

Author — David Tomlinson


Amen and Amen.
Clear biblical teaching

Author — mary ojodeh


thank you for that Message from the quickening spirit! Light and Bread. Be blessed go on.

Author — ralph 1972