NA CS Summer 2017 - Week 4: TS vs. GCU | CLA vs. DFX

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Tempo Storm vs. Gold Coin United
TBD vs. Delta Fox

Welcome to the 2017 NA League of Legends Challenger Series!

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💬 Comments

DGON is a great addition to the caster roster. really enjoy his energy. glad i caught this when it aired. hopefully many more casts ahead for this guy.

Author — killExtReme1000


Delta fox is hella fun to watch, just wish they would win!

Author — Chicano


Advice to mid laners....:Don't ever Zhonyha's near a Cait when you're at low health. You're going to get trapped, and you ARE going to die...

Author — Kuronosa


delta fox's game starts at 4:10:00
thank me later

Author — JuN1or


now qtpie know how hard it is to be a pro, its nothing like solo Q

Author — Godsin


this delta fox team :/ voyboy using ghost at level 2 for poke damage when he has nearly 0 mana lmao

Author — Dooley


people who play Nunu, can't play jungle

Author — litojonny


Yeah that's why they all retired or were replaced. The only players left from this era were the ones that were the cream of the crop and had the passion to keep going. Rush Hour and Bjerg come to mind.

Author — Jason Yu


Dyrus is so bad omg, he is so aggresive he needs to watch the map lol

Author — Henk Han


I think Scarra should be support and Shiphtur be jungle. At least Shiphtur can carry from the jungle. Scarra can't.

Author — Evilshtt353


Delta Fox is absolutely terrible lmao. Making money on twitch is easy, playing well is harder. Can't even win against NA Challengers, the challenger series of the worst league.

Disband this team and stop loosing all credibility.

Also...did Voyboy really picked Yasuo? Does he even aim for the win???