California Wildfires: choppers protect fleeing motorists

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California Wildfires: choppers protect fleeing motorists 4.5
In this video, firefighting helicopters can be seen expertly dumping gallons of water just metres away from fleeing motorists. The encroaching fire was creeping up the hillside towards the traffic.

Search teams have recovered remains of 42 people killed by a fierce wildfire that largely incinerated the town of Paradise in northern California, marking the greatest loss of life from a wild land blaze in state history. Grace Lee reports.
It's now the deadliest blaze in California history.

Officials say at least 42 people have been killed in the so-called Camp Fire.

The latest death toll announced after authorities found the remains of another 13 victims.

That fire is already the most destructive on record in the state, leaving the small town of Paradise in ashes.

Since erupting on Thursday (November 8) its claimed more than 7000 homes and businesses in the area.

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What are wildfires, how do they start, why do they spread so quickly and where’s been struck this year?

Gerard Butler and Miley Cyrus’ mansions destroyed and Simon Cowell’s £18m Malibu home under threat as California wildfire death toll hits 31:

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All the first responders and chopper pilots are seriously badasses.  Thank the good lord for heroes like them.

Author — Whimsy Wendy


I’m in England but still god help them. Stay strong America

Author — Emits funny Adventures gone wrong 3am challenge


Sad to see all the hateful comments. One would hope a tragedy would bring people together....but politics is more important apparently...

Author — Garrett Hight


Interesting how they are hugging one side of the highway.The heat must be intense for them to do that!

Author — A.B.


Them choppers are heroes, just like everyone else fighting the fire

Author — David Oman


It's snowing here and tonight a real cold front is moving in. But it won't kill me and destroy all I have. My heart goes out to these people.

Author — henerymag


I spoke to a firefighter today who explained how he was walking past burned out cars and people were in them. This is a national tragedy. We cannot breathe here. This isn't a wildfire, it's a national tragedy and the firefighters and first responders are beyond heroes. This isn't politics, it's humanity.

Author — Namaste Rising


That fire has life in it, and seems almost determined to cross that freeway.

Author — Tellthetruth


Damn, must have heard my music! JK. Jokes aside. Prayers that everyone stays safe! 🙏😐

Author — Drew Andino


Omg 😭😭😭 I’m so lucky that I live in England but I pray for u guys

Author — Ralphie


Damn this comment section is really separating the fakes out.

Author — YouTube explorer


national emergency should be declared the military should step in and help a bit..

Author — freeyourmind


That must be one scary sight to be driving there its like the world is ending

Author — Endangered Mexican


Return to the Lord people, there is still time.

Author — NOBIE-X


I like how they closed off some of the lanes, causing more traffic (I know it’s so they stay away from the fire) but still

Author — Yellow Circle


Keep fighting dear can do it... support from indonesia!

Author — Seagate Seagate


Why would someone wait this long to flee? Does not make any sense at all

Author — Andrew Brown


There's a name for those that put their lives on the line to assist those that have their backs against the wall being stared down by death:
God Bless them.

Author — Stevie D


Huge amounts of admiration and respect for all first responders. You saved so many with your life being the price asked. Thank you

Author — Helen Stewart


ya allah .. please save this peoples .. I cant imagine situation