Vanessa Bryant shares powerful, emotional words at Kobe and Gianna Bryant Memorial | CBS Sports HQ

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Vanessa Bryant shares powerful, emotional words at Kobe and Gianna Bryant Memorial | CBS Sports HQ 5

A public memorial to celebrate the life of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, along with seven victims who died in the tragic helicopter crash took place 2/24/2020 at Staples Center.



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I’m so glad this memorial was able to be done before all this chaos

Author — Jennifer Ramos


" I won't be able to tell her how gorgeous she looks on her wedding day"
That hit me hard

Author — SM - 07WM 766060 Huttonville PS


When she said “my baby girl” it hit me so so hard 😭

Author — Eiliyah World C


“in the 13 years she was here on earth”
devastating that she only got to see 13 years

Author — 111greatness


Me in 2040: *throws something in trashcan*
Also me: KOBEEEE
My child: Who that?
Me: Sit down and lemme tell u a story of a legend

Author — Toxic Cookie


Way to go putting ads on Vanessa’s speech about losing her husband and daughter guys, real class act,

Author — Chris Huis


sometimes i wish the Covid-19 pandemic started earlier, because then Kobe and Gigi, the rest of the passengers, would not have gotten on the helicopter that day, quarantine would have taken effect earlier.

Author — initiatorhater0688


Who else is sitting here crying there eyes out and this was 6 months ago

Author — Cea Gang


I can't imagine how hard this would be for the older sister Natalia too. It must be hard to lose your father AND your little sister...

Author — Alexandra Scott


How could anyone dislike this video? I'm not a basketball or Kobe fan but jeez, show some respect.

Author — Capatan Azn Man


This was 9 months ago and it’s still heart breaking.

Author — Kay Gip


Vanessa is such a strong women. 🥺 it’s been months since this happened and I still cry my eyes out listening to her speech.

Author — angela


Who ever disliked this is honestly heartless

Author — Bradley Geib


How do you speak eloquently in front of 20, 000 people plus millions on tv after losing your husband and little girl? Close to impossible. My heart goes out to Vanessa and her family.

Author — ptralx


I find it extremely disrespectful that YouTube is allowed to play ads on this video.

Author — Ashley Schalk


been like 6 months.. can’t get over it.. Even in 30 years...I will still remember this moment.. This reminds me to always be thankful and love my family.. you could tell its very painful for her... But we also should think in heaven how they feel to leave this earth so early.. RIP, They are so strong you can tell she is trying to hold together, We love you Vanessa and your children, and to you Kobe and Gianna..

Author — Lixa


When vanessa said. We wont able to see her in highscool that broke my heart. See you in heaven 👼😞😭😭😭👼

Author — Francisca Hermosillo


who came back on Kobes bryant birthday? RIP Kobe and Gigi 🥺💔🕊

Author — Heirmala Kidane


Someone please tell me why this has 7.1k dislikes, y’all are so cold hearted

Author — Selena


its been a year after'
the time passed so quick
Kobe Bryant
Payton Chester
Sarah Chester
 Alyssa Altobelli
Keri Altobelli
John Altobelli
 Christina Mauser
Ara Zobayan
Gianna Bryant 

Author — sarahmo 7