Zero Deaths in Kashmir? People’s Testimonies Belie Official Claims

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Zero Deaths in Kashmir? People’s Testimonies Belie Official Claims 4.5

Correction Note: At 13:38, we have said that on August 5, 17-year-old Ayub Khan died after suffocating on tear gas in Kashmir's Downtown area. In fact, it was on August 17, that the 55-year-old Ayub Khan died from the same reason. We accidentally got the date and Ayub Khan's age wrong.

The Modi government claims there have been no deaths in Kashmir since the revocation of Article 370. But testimonies from people prove that apart from the scores of injured, at least three people have died in Srinagar. The Wire’s Senior Editor Arfa Khanum Sherwani met the family of Ayub Khan in Srinagar to find out how he died.

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All are human. Only human can REALIZED truth.

Author — Raja Raam


सब अल्लाह की मर्जी से होता
मोदीजी को अल्लाह की मर्जी मालूम

Author — Gulab Singh


Salute to the fearless reporting from the wire.

Author — Mr. Gadget


This is the true picture of kashmir and that is why all opp leader were not allowed into kashmir.

Author — Travel Corner


I am happy to support the kids' education. The wire can contact me. Let something good happen.

Author — Rajeswari Kannan


Fundamental rights of Kashmir is in danger....

Author — ajay Kumar


Madam salute to u on your brave reporting... original face of kashmir

Author — Hassan Baltistani


The girl next to that lady.... I have seen her Like in some interview.... She was asking questions.... I think one press conference which had shah faesal... Arundhati roy... And other socially aware people..

Author — kritty kitty


Forget everything thatz going in kashmir but u dnt hve allow @funeral Thatz means meaning of democracy hve changed now 😭😭😭😭😭

Author — zanul


Madam, u r very brave, impartial, reporter, u always speaks truth, may Almighty God protect you.

Author — Sharef Mohd


Many violent incidents have been created by separatists in Kashmir many times when people have been killed. The wire never comes to criticize those separatist incidents. The journalist is conducting interviews peacefully, that itself is a proof of peaceful condition. Journalists should try to pacify people to remain peaceful and assure them that Kashmir will progress better now.

Author — Mithilesh Kumar


Wire is based YouTube channel on NDTV Vinod dua

Author — Papu SAHOO Sahoo


Azadi azadi chillate raho hone wala kuch nahi hai.

Author — Rishabh Dwivedi


Jabse bevkuff Bana ri h Sarkar. This is true picture, not people eating with Dowal.

Author — Rohit Sharma


The lady with great courage and heart.

Author — Jawad Shakil


Shame shame shame .. Why is govt. Lying about the facts ?
Hiding the ground level news of J&k is the real form of Dictatorship ...It is not nationalism ... After De- operationalisation of article 370, the fundamental rights are also applicable there but it is totally suppressed by this fascist govt.. Nothing is happening good in J&K.. Some Media (godi media) are only showing the celebration in Ladhakh region.. That's okay..but why don't they show the views of people in Jammu, Kashmir, kargil regions..
This fascist govt had also lied in the parliament regarding the views of Sardar Patel, Ambedkar, Jay Prakash Narayan, Lohia, Nehru ...Shame on this rss agenda of communal nationlist Jingoism..Shame shame

Author — Dhananjay26


My heart goes out to the people of Kashmir. As Indian, we need to treat the people of Kashmir as our own. Unfortunately, the current government only wants the land and not its people. May Allah bless this family and grant the deceased the status of martyr :(

Author — Tausif Mulla


Best show yaallah tamam mazloom logon ki hifazat farma

Author — Habib Rehman


And she is ahead of bbc, as they are reporting news with faces covered and identities hidden. But here this super woman lady, is showing all faces and talking to people . Great .

Author — Sahil karir


Arfa G,
Nava kadal mei mahol kaisa hai...

Author — Sneha Pal