Samurai Spirits 64 - Hyper Neo Geo 64 - VGE - Ep 70

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Hello and welcome to our new season on the Hyper Neo Geo 64!

Today we will be taking a look at Samurai Spirits / Samurai Shodown 64, the first time the series went 3D and one of the first games ever shown on the Hyper hardware

Stay tuned! We have six more games coming up, plus a few more videos about the Hyper scheduled every Tuesday for the next ten weeks.

Questions? Comments? Just leave them below and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them!


💬 Comments

Looking forward for the racing game. I think it's the best looking game on this board.

Author — Imgema


Damn this game looks good, i personally like the slow fighters! Reminds me of Battle Arena Toshinden

Author — martizzletae games


I still waiting for the emulator sound to be fixed :) love this game

Author — Necroblade


what a mysterious, and often misunderstood piece of hardware! this definitely has me curious about the gpu in this thing. i cant help but to wonder what this would have ran like on a nintendo 64 considering that ive never seen any games look quite as good as this.

Author — Marco Polo


Quite understandable that SNK went PSX all the way, CD prices and they've been working on the hardware since early 2D KOF to be honest.
It must be awesome to be experiencing all these arcade games on real hardware, i'm very grateful for all your efforts VGE, thank you!

Author — Renato Borba


This looks great! Out of interest, how much do you think would you pay for it if you had to rebuy? There is a NOS version near me with all extras for about $300, but I'd also need the fighting PCB... Feel that might be a little on the high side, but there isn't too much advice out there!

Author — Sam M


Samurai Shodown 64 on Nintendo 64 should've been a no-brainer just based on the title alone.

Author — seanmyster6


Who is the designer/manufacturer of the GPU in this thing? I've tried to find information about this but couldn't.

Author — MrMilli


my channel mame work slow no sound ı love samurai shodown

Author — Retro Kafası