The Story of SMOKEY BEAR - Life in America

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Nice story...thank you kindly for doing what you do. 🙂

Author — Jon Dickinson


My dads best friend (long passed )was THE first smoky the Bear back in the 1930’s his name was Bill Floor when he retired he lived in Homeland ca. Outside Hemet

Author — Tinytattoomike


I had to come back to say this. I was in 7th grade when Smokey died. My brother was in 3rd. He came home from school that day and said that just about everyone was crying when the principal made the announcement on the p.a. system! What an impact that a mascot can make!

Author — Mister Grandpa's Bakery


My Dad was a state forestor, now passed away. In the 1950s he and others from back East volunteered to fight terrible fires out in California for the US Forest Service. After that he attended college, getting a masters in forest management. A huge inspiration for him and many others was Smokey! As toddlers my brother and I had Smokey Bear stuffed bears! As well as comic books and posters and other lit telling about Smokey. Dad even had a magnetized Smokey Bear ashtray for his work truck. Smokey was and still is big I guess! RIP, Dad & Smokey! 🌹

Author — Jon Galt


I've volunteered for the Forest Service for 30 years. In the 90's, the Smokey Bear costume got a physically fit redesign vs. the old, rounder costume. The new costume also had a cooling unit in it as wearing the costume could be very hot.

Author — Allen P


I nicknamed the old 1957 Ford Fairlane Wagon my dad hung onto and drove for a while "the Smokey (the) Bear car" because of the cool cigarette snuffer Smokey head that was on the dashboard!

Author — Jon S.


I loved this! Thank you for sharing this with us 👍👍

Author — Noemi


The bear was the best way to go with getting people to understand about fires .

Author — Brian Moody


Ok. I'll say it. Best channel on youtube.

Author — Joe Heid


Next stop, 100K subscribers! I hope you'll video yourself with your plaque, so we can put a face to the wonderful content and excellent voice. Among everything else, I have to give some love to the other commenters. I sincerely enjoy reading about your memories, big and small! I look forward to them every time we get a new video. Thank you for making this little corner of the web fun and welcoming.

Author — Madame Salamander


Once again what a wonderful story... thank you for this great channel you have produced for all of us❣️we appreciate it and you 🙏

Author — Tiffany


I remember Smokey but I don't remember the song, I'll have to YouTube it.
Of course you have to do Woodsy Owl next.
Give a hoot don't pollute.

Author — Nick Hill


I absolutely love smoky the bear !! And again I really like your channel. Your video aren't to long but still full if very interesting information. Please keep up the great work !!

Author — tmn5647382910


Smoky the Bear we had a 45 record with the song about Smoky the Bear. When, I was young we went camping every summer in the Smoky Mountains usually at a AOK Campground and, usually a lot of my moms family came along with us. I remember we met him right before my mom took me over to the swings. Well, that was the highlight of day, because, I had been asking my parents if, I’d ever get to meet him. Well, right after, I met him, I ended up getting a busted lip.

Author — Sonya Fox


Great job! Many good memories about Smokey growing up. I got some sort of Smokey kit from the State ( Oregon)Forestry Dept with lots of cool Smokey and 'Keep Oregon Green' stickers. We did actually learn a lot from that campaign. Thanks for doing this video

Author — Suzanne McKenzie


Raise Your Hand if you had a Smokey Bear plush toy well into your teen years.

The Focus should turn back to snuffing out camp fires completely before you leave the campsite. Here in Colorado we have TOO Many smoldering fire rings left.

Author — RIXRADvidz


I still remember it as "Smokey THE bear", just saying🤔🤙

Author — Loco Boi


I actually met Smokey at the zoo in Wash DC in the early 60s. I thought it was a damn shame to keep this historical figure in a cage at a zoo all of his life. He should have been in a wildlife sanctuary where he could roam. A lot of hipocrisy regarding animal welfare and an ad campaign.

Author — Nicky Naime


Seeing Smokey's posters and the old PSA's on TV frightened me as a kid, they made me shiver listening to his deep low voice and his cold steery eyes just looking at you.

Author — Saul Amaral


Dad always had a mountain cabin and we loved Smokey the Bear!
We did our best to help.

Author — Jason Schultz