Mason's Olivia Sulek, 14-year-old CrossFit champion, is probably fitter than you

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Olivia Sulek has always been an "overcomer," coach Nic Simpson said. The 14-year-old Mason girl, who can deadlift 275 pounds and recently claimed a top prize at the global CrossFit Games, has a work ethic and focus that would be impressive at any age. "When you give her a directive, she tries her absolute hardest," Simpson said. That hard work earned her a gold medal proclaiming her one of the fittest teens on Earth at the CrossFit Games in early August. She beat 1,600 girls in her age category from all over the world to snag it. "I am the 2018 Fittest 14-15-year-old on Earth," she said, then laughed. "So weird to say that."

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Who else uses this as motivation to get out of bed to get your tub of ice cream

Author — Softball Catcher86


I wish I could do this. I just have to keep working. 🤷‍♀️

Author — S Gibson


She’s probably not the most fittest 14/15 year old in the world though

Author — Mythic


Not the pressed boys in the comments🤦‍♀️...

Author — Sarah Pop


I am male, adult, I lift, and I just do not understand the cruel comments. She is 14 guys. If you are not impressed by her endeavors or you think the news story is poorly framed, great, move on to stuff you are into. But why would you say personal or unkind stuff here, where a 14 year old (who has never done anything to you) might read it?

Author — Alejandro Perkadel


This is what guided me into the world of noFap.

Author — Dylan


I'm 14 yaesr but I'm short only my hight 5 feet

Author — Raj Saha


Crossfit!!! Where the foam weights look cool and real pull-ups don't exist!

Author — John Hernandez


There’s definitely many people more fit then her like those who do weight lifting like the rock or those who do calisthenics like Andrea larosa and many more CrossFit isn’t a good choice it promotes bad form and injuries

Author — Chance da man


Most troll comments are lame attempts at humor and useless as usual but here's something worthwhile: she is generating tons of destructive free radicals, hoping she is taking sufficient anti-oxidants to neutralize.

Author — SirCamsmorethanalot


Omg they are giving a 14 year old girl cocktails of drugs already. You can literally see the masculine features. Blows my mind. Parents should be shot

Author — Jon Martelli


BLAH BLAH this is a hobby bobby and give yourself a REASON to workout.

I served military for my country is MORE worthy than this. ONLY good thing about Olivia is that she wanted to exercise and have a great PEACH that's perfect!!

Author — True Charming23


Olivia, how tall are you, , you look tall from youtube

Author — Dennis Sisson


She learned about PEDs, destroy her joints and shorten life span. Congratulations.

Author — Dustin


.. They make it sound like she's Olympic champion, she's just walking around on her hands. She's gonna grow up to be the worst kind of personal trainer. You people make me sick.

Author — Haamish McGarry