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Matthew West - The God Who Stays (Official Music Video) 5

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The God Who Stays
I would’ve given up on me by now
I would’ve labeled me a lost cause Cause I feel just like a lost cause
If I were you
I would’ve turned around and walked away I would’ve labeled me beyond repair
Cause I feel like I’m beyond repair
But somehow you don’t see me like I do Somehow you’re still here

You’re the God who stays
You’re the God who stays
You’re the one who runs in my direction
When the whole world walks away
You’re the God who stands
With wide open arms
And you tell me nothing I have ever done can separate my heart
From the God who stays

I used to hide
Every time I thought I let you down
I always thought I had to earn my way but I’m learning you don’t work that way
Somehow you don’t see me like I do Somehow you’re still here
My shame can’t separate My guilt can’t separate My past can’t separate I’m yours forever
My sin can’t separate
My scars can’t separate My failures can’t separate I’m yours forever
No enemy can separate
No power of hell can take away Your love for me will never change I’m yours forever

Music by Matthew West performing “The God Who Stays” (Official Music Video). (C) 2019 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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"Jesus Christ, the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13 verse 8

Author — Abbey Hodgett


When everyone walks away, it's God who stays with us.

Author — luckyus me and you


This song hurts me 😢 I feel like I am the worst person in the whole world sometimes 😔 a piece of nothing, absolutely NOTHING!! and here comes Matthew reminding me God does not see me like I do...❤

Author — Emerald Champo


God stays even if your family gives up on you.

Author — Tiffany Angel


I had been abusing alcohol for years and proud to say it's been 9 weeks today that I'm alcohol-free. Thankful for redemption and God never gave up on me when so many had!

Author — Morgan Rawl


This song healed my heart. Literally...the guilt and shame of my sin made me feel so unworthy to even pray. But the God who stays, the one who doesn't change just because of my failures. This song reminded of the nature of my God.

Author — mbabazihelen


I can’t stop listening to this song. I think God is trying to tell me something

Author — Pamela Guzman


I was heading home, it was 6 am with a four hour drive ahead of me and this song comes on K-love. I was driving with one hand and worshipping with other raised. I stopped for breakfast at Taco Bell and looked it up on YouTube and found it quickly. I didn't watch the video because I had my phone to my ear to hear it again. I have a new friend that God laid on my heart and I sent it to her. Just went to play the song again and actually watched the video. My heart is overwhelmed because she had told me how her mom was a drug addict. Jesus thank you so much for the privilege to participate in your plans.

Author — Rhonda Koellen


Jesus is the way, he changed my life, let him do the same to you

Author — stepan kevin


This really hit home!! Raised in a home by drug addicted parents in and out of foster care, removed for good at at 7 placed with our alcoholic aunt and uncle, molested at age 16 blamed for it by aunt and judged by family! The one who remained strong and remained by my side and brought me through the hell was God! He remained and protected! He saved my life! I have scars and emotional trust issues but he is the one I can always rely on and trust! He is my Savior! ❤❤❤

Author — Courtney Taylor


Hey people who disliked! God Bless all of You!

Author — Captain Bowen


I love the words, when others are running away, God stays. God runs in our direction ! The God of the universe, loves us unconditionally and runs in our direction! Mind blowing !

Author — Mary Clynch


Met this guy and talked for 45min with him before realizing who he was. Humble guy. Matt I'll talk to you in a year and let you know what gods done in my life #CRM

Author — Omar Jaramillo


The pain and shame an addict feels is deep. Just need one person to believe in you and show you that worthy of love to make an impact. The Jesus Way!

Author — Silently Stronger


Whoever reading this, God knows what you are facing through, he heard your cry, He is going to deliver you. Just trust in him. Amen 🙏💙💕💛🌻

Author — I LOVE GOD, Do you?


This song hit hard because my dad went to drugs and left me but he is still kind of in my life and i want him back😔❤️ But I have Jesus Christ and my father!!❤️

Author — Lone-SuperWolf


If there was a good reason for Jesus to turn his back on anyone ""I WOULD BE THAT EXAMPLE "....but he still breathes life into me each day because he's not done with me yet...Thank You Jesus

Author — Ty Anthony


I heard this song this morning after falling short yesterday. He is still here loving me. He always stays.. My Lord almighty you are my eternity and Jesus I praise your Holy name.

Author — Graceful Lily


I love jesus christ with all of my heart he saved me I struggled with strip clubs and pornography for 20 years, i traveled down a hard long road suffering most of my life lost so much but i know in my heart JESUS CHRIST can give all back to so much more he forgave i repented and he restored me now i so much stronger, the clubs everything i let all go, Now I live my life for JESUS CHRIST AND I FIGHT FOR MY FAMILY TOO, I OH YOU MY LIFE I'M 49 YEARS OLD YES IT TOOK A LONG TIME BUT I THANK YOU JESUS FOR SAVING ME, THANK YOU GOD IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL ON YOUTUBE AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 THE FUTURE TO LOOK FORWARD TOO 🤪✝️🤫🤩😋😍😂🥰🤑🤗❤❤😜

Author — James Higgins Jr.


I’m learning to play this on the piano

Author — Aubrey Franks