Trump Lashes Out at Reporters

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Trump Lashes Out at Reporters 4.5
Despite his party losing control of the House, Donald Trump took a victory lap last night calling the results 'very close to a complete victory' for Republicans. He also did some heavy-duty tweeting about it. Despite claiming victory, Trump was in a foul and spiteful mood today, and it made for a nasty press conference. He wasn't just mad about a line of questioning from CNN's Jim Acosta, he lashed out at just about everybody.

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Trump Lashes Out at Reporters

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omg talk about rude and offensive, he just described himself

Author — debbie541


I love the way that if he cannot handle a question (or even someone
else's perspective) he belittles them and tells them to sit down. 12
year olds (and sociopaths) have more advanced conversational skill sets.
A vile and embarrassing man.

Author — vanzahn


"You shouldn't treat people like that way." Oohhhh the irony

Author — edgar simon


The Arrogance of Power !

Sit, Bark, Roll Over ! Lick this . Heel.
Ivanka, they are making fun of me again. Daddy needs some loving.

Author — juan monge


I love how the woman in the burgundy dress wrestles the mic from a reporter annoying Trump then hands it to another reporter who starts exactly where the last one left off. 😂

Author — Clothilde


Jim Acosta is so handsome ♥️☺️and all of these reporters are so good looking

Author — My Life is My Style


How the hell this man be come a president I just don’t get it howwww it’s obvious that he is so childish

Author — Mida Lexie


I like the reporters working in different stations sticking together..

Author — jessica M


In fairness to the president, Jim Acosta of CNN is a tool box...🙄

Author — I am Hassan


2:26 "The way you treat other people are horrible"

Mr. President, you grammar are horrible.

Author — vcarter0723


Well hide the nuclear button under a copy of the Constitution. Trump will never get to it.

Author — fba90130


Pls hire Jimmy Kimmel CNN. This guy is not even funny.

Author — realme rara


Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.JAMES LANE ALLEN

Author — Roger Lucas


The press should just start addressing him as”MR.BABY🤷🏽‍♂️

Author — Bigdawg 007


The very sight of THE TEFLON TURD looking so deflated the day after the midterms just warms the cockles of my heart.😚👏👏👏🤣

Author — Hit Reset Button


"You shouldn't treat people like that" Says the rudest person in America!. Laughable and sad at the same time.

Author — Adalberto Modes


Jimmy at it again 😜. I absolutely agree buddy

Author — Jose A. Marrero Jr.


He’s the student who gets a power trip when the teacher leaves him in charge when she goes to the restroom

Author — noah martinez


*who’s excited for SNL and how they’re gonna make a skit about this*

Author — J S


Jimmy didn't even make jokes
He just showed unedited clips of trump
Talk about laugh to keep from crying
So this is a hand basket, hope it don't burn fast

Author — Malissa Rivers