Responding to Polygon's Hit Piece on Me

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i'm just surprised they didn't call me a racist, too

Author — Weegee Plays


I actually can't stop laughing at the fact she qouted Dunkey.

Author — Joshua K


New polygon article:
Local man doesn’t like a game

Author — SamEboi


The what reason option on steam refund is completely inconsequential. I once refunded a game I had for almost 8 months (I bought it on sale, and just didn’t get around to playing it). I also 6 hours on the game. I selected “My Reason is not listed”. Then I wrote in box “Swiggity Swooty I want back me Booty”. The refund was approved.

Author — Wabbi


why am i getting this recommended like half a year later

Author — Sir Comet


Polygon has reached out to Valve for further information on Steam’s return policy, as well as the stream, and will update when we hear back.

*Update:* We've corrected one instance in this story where McKown was spelled McKowan.

Author — P-z


To answer your opening question, you are potentially an easier target with less resources than X streamer.

Author — Jaden Bass


Do u ever just buy Sonic forces and get a refund to flex on polygon

Author — ProfileNamePending


I only ever paid attention to Polygon because of the McElroys, I love all the hilarious content those guys made for Polygon’s YT channel. But now they no longer work for them, and after learning about stuff like this, I don’t want anything to do with them. They are pretty much the Buzzfeed of video game journalism right now.

Author — R Adkins


What a terrible thing for a company to have come out of their journalist.

I love how most of the argument against Julia is...
1) "You're lying and here's proof"
2) "It's literally an option that Steam gives me."
3) "You are terrible at writing without bias and without spelling errors... and that's your job. It's what you chose to do and you suck at it."

Author — Dave Marx


How to journalism 101:
1) Talk about drama, not real stuff.
2) Fabricate stuff.
3) Cite non-accurate sources.
4) Repeat.

Author — Bernoulli


>thought polygon wanted to make an article on you that wouldn't be nothing but bias, spin, and lies

Yikes. I shiggy diggy doo.

Author — Big Money Salmon


1. *More*
a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation.
synonyms: defamation, defamation of character, character assassination, calumny, misrepresentation, scandalmongering;
(in admiralty and ecclesiastical law) a plaintiff's written declaration.
defame (someone) by publishing a libel.

Author — PikaPikaGamer


Boy, you spent longer on making your response than polygon did on their article. Just proof that polygon has no standards.

Author — Tarks Gauntlet


Star fox has better polygons than Polygon

Author — Jeff Smith


17:40 It's like she's writing one of those overly structured essays for 8th-grade English class and needs to include another source in the form of a quotation. Like what the fuck.

Author — Certified Memelord


Oh no, someone returned a game they didn’t enjoy!

Author — SpagEddie8113


I think the worst part is that she listed your real name, unleashing the whole sonic fan base on a personal name rather than a business name.
Also, giving to charity, well played indeed.

Author — Mega lucario1704


Gaming journalism is a joke.
Sue Polygon. You have more than enough grounds to sue for libel.

Author — ᵗʰᵉNight★Star


Huge respect man, I love watching stuff from larger streamers/youtubers to help me to know how to watch my own (and my friends) back. Def gonna start checking out more of your stuff!

Author — MegaTomPlays