Jaimini Sutram - 1

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Predictive Astrology plays key role in the vedic thought process and it is highly essential to understand it if one wishes to understand the Vedic heritage.
A thought process has been started parallel to the Surya siddhant and Bharat Vishwaguru just to utilize the valuable time in the process of understanding Indian Thought.
Jaimini school of thought differs from others Methodologically but the ultimate result or consequences of the methods used by Jaimini are same as other schools of thought.

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प्रणमामि गुरु जी 🙏
अत्र मङ्गालाचरणं किदृशं वर्तते। नमस्कारात्मकं, आशीर्वादात्मकं, वस्तुनिर्देशात्मकं?

Author — VMK


गुरू जी प्रणाम 🙏 आपका प्रयास सराहनीय है।

Author — surender sharma