Skyforge PS4: Outlaws in PvP are ridiculously Powerful. Flawless Victory.

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Starting to think Outlaws are just overpowered?

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What really stops an outlaw from using that move I would say is when you activate that ability that does 50% of their health, if someone can do a knockdown on you after one shot it goes into cool down.

Author — Nosrel


I'd like to see that done with less than 1 mil health. And much lower might. Then it can be classed as OP. If you're taking down things with less might than you. Then yes. You're OP. Because they're weaker. ;) what is your might anyway?

Author — dale garrett


ive only ever beat outlaws on my gunner, everything else i play i very rarely win

Author — JamesZych


Ur a beast with the outlaw bro GG. Hey how do u use the triangle draw ability with the r1 r2 doesn't work right for me? Help would be appreciated thanks.

Author — Alex Diaz


Be sure to watch the ending, I added a lil' bonus clip to seal the deal that Outlaws are crazy powerful. ;)

Author — Suumyydii Gaming.


Question is this the best class in the game because I've just started and I wanna know which one I should pick

Author — Satan 666


Can you do Gunner PVP I really want to see If it's good or not

Author — No Sorrow


The rotation you use at 7:35 is Triangle, R2 + R2 + ending R1? I still do not understand this PvP rotation.

Author — nobru


aye you see me up in there 😏💯 we killed it

Author — Hokage Cyborgman


How you're 54 mill bro hehe and damn all of those guys are crazy leveled too

Author — Ouroboros


That's all people play on pvp -.-"

Author — DeadlyCode