#Farewell Tornado Compilation (4K)

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#Farewell Tornado Compilation (4K) 5

A quick video put together of some of my videos and stills I have taken of this iconic jet.
The Tornado will be retired March 2019 after 40 years service.

Please watch: "B2 Bombers landing Fairford UK (HD)."

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I well remember being at RAF Cottesmore TTTE in early 1980 when one of the first jets arrived and I was struck by how small they looked. Within a few months more and more arrived from Warton, West Germany and Italy. At any time you could see planes taking off and landing. It became extremely busy.
My favourite jet of all time and immensely proud of how brilliantly it performed.
Like many others I am so sad that Tornado has been retired even though it is still one of the very best of its kind.

Author — Mike Williams


I can still remember seeing the first production aircraft fly from the MBB factory in Manching, West Germany, when I was the Canadian NATO Forces on FALLEX 78, I was with 4 Combat Engineer Regiment at CFB Lahr. At first we couldn't figure what it was with that huge rudder, but it didn't taken long after they started doing touch and goes at the airfields at CFB Lahr and CFB Baden-Sollingen.

Author — Charles Damery


Fabulous filming and stills of the most incredible aircraft that I had pleasure in flying. Thank you.

Author — Christina Lamin


My best plane the TORNADO GR4 👏 I will miss them flying at Coningsby, Marham it's so sad end of a fantastic era 😥👏👍 R.I.P but I will see the German 🇧🇪 tornados come to Waddington this year and at Riat airshow this year

Author — Andrew Ireland


Great footage of this jet. The First week of March 2020 I have had the privilege of seeing 9 of these along with 9 Euro Typhoon's, about 14 F-35's, 4 F-16's and 2 in air US tankers coming in for a Landing at Nellis AFB, North Las Vegas NV, USA.

Author — J Pasby


It was a very sad day when I saw their farewell fly-pasts, as I spent 9 years on the front-line working on them at Marham and TTTE. It is (The Germans and I think Italians are still flying them) a very capable and successful aircraft and it was a big mistake for the UK to retire them early and replace them with the F-35 heap of junk.

Author — 125brat


nothing seems as fast as a Tornado when you're watching . !

Author — fred Ted


Same mistake retiring these amazing machines as they did with the Harriers. Are we not led by utter idiots?

Author — Trance State


A ‘plane’ is what you shave wood with, you fly an aeroplane or an aircraft

Author — rogerpenney


What RADIOS are you us ring for them Jets

Author — JonathanFernley-Periscopetv-LiveLUFC