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Pam MIGHT have seen it hit the corner once

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I love how this is the one time Michael is finally focused on something work related (more than usual) and everybody is focused on the screen 😂

Автор — @Walupof


Andy’s “oH COME ON!” just gets me every time LMAOO

Автор — @iris8559


Fun fact: They applauded his “something you have to look for” idea which led to the golden ticket thing a season later 😂

Автор — @whistler9788


Imagine if Michael would have stepped in front of the TV...

Автор — @kreion


1:15: I like how Jim is holding onto Pam's arm in anticipation.

Автор — @jeremyhubbard2908


Tbh before Jim even explained the whole DVD thing I was already paying attention to the screen😅

Автор — @GhettoMurkerBaybee


I love how genuinely happy Michael looks at the end of the conference

Автор — @ninavsa


1:01 I spat out my drink. Ed Hems overreactions are heavenly

Автор — @elijahknapp727


I love how Angela of all people is just into this as much as everyone else.

Автор — @lkafjkakjf333


As a kid even i was fascinated by that logo bouncing off and also by the fact that it is only once that it hits the perfect right angle corner of the tv screen

Автор — @NiravJoshi


*Love Kevin's optimism- "Dude you gotta believe"*

Автор — @snehakumari8786


I like how everyone just leaves after it hits as if they were called in the conference room for only that.

Автор — @Jeramithehuman


the office writers were brilliant. they take something so simple and can turn it into a whole scene

Автор — @shrekt1000


I love Andy's reaction at 1:01. He's so focused at the logo 😂

Автор — @violet_sweet


Even Stanley stopped solving his crossword puzzles to look at the screen😂😂

Автор — @vishnuanand1583


I love the little jump-scare Michael does at 1:20

Автор — @hernanperez6435


is nobody gonna mention the fact that this was a legitimate conference conducted by Michael?

Автор — @takshaak47


1:00 dont know why but I find it funny how Andy looks at Michael from his reaction to his outburst and then just looks back at the screen 😂

Автор — @h3ro_966


You know it is serious when even Stanley and Angela are into it

Автор — @cikif


0:06 the way Stanley is staring at the screen is incredible

Автор — @masonwales4755