Don't Question President Trump's Science Instincts

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Don't Question President Trump's Science Instincts 5

James Corden looks at the news of the day including President Trump touting his instincts for science and Canada's nationwide legalization taking effect.

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trump's jokes just write themselves.
He just opens his mouth and people laugh.

Author — Wayne Black


Great jokes, unfortunately just like our president

Author — Blake Baldwin


Trump never takes responsibility for anything. He's always the victim and it's always someone else's fault. I hope the Dems give it to him with both barrels.

Author — NOT YOU


If Donald Trump is the definition of smart, I don't think I want to be smart.

Author — Claudia Ivy


I like the way he rips into Trump with his humor. He is funny man.

Author — NPC #72500842


We’ve got poutine, healthcare, and now legal weed. It’s okay to be a little jealous..

Author — Discover Montréal


Every time I'm reminded Trump is president of the USA, I die a bit inside.

Author — marktimmermans1


Let’s get the Obamas back, Michelle is gonna do a great job

Author — Minh


I don’t trust any of Trump’s natural instincts, even the fast food one

Author — Esther Rosi-Kessel


“That giant brown camel is wearing a Viking helmet.” 😹😂🤣 That made me lol for real.

Of course, trump doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. He never has and he never will. Though of course he’s not the only one responsible. What amazes me is that after all the corruption and crimes committed by republicans, that both the house and senate wouldn’t be easily won by Democrats.

Author — Debbie Gross


🇨🇦🇨🇦yes we are cool and have a country leader
we do use the ...f describe him. was the first to describe himself as he is from another planet compared to🍄rump

Author — Carmen Neumann


I had a grandfather who served in WWII. Therefore I am naturally an expert in combat tactics and history.

Author — pop5678eye


Holy shit, about that guy finding out about his "now ex" lol.
It seems more likely he was going to take her to a place SHE HAD ALREADY BEEN WITH HER OTHER LOVER! THAT is a harsh blow.

Author — John Shouldiers


Donald Trump Has A Natural Instinct of Science and I'm the first female Pope 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Author — The cutest thing you ever seen


The audience did not catch the 600 similar results joke.😆

Author — eudofia


i love james corden shows! he's actually funny!

Author — Jasmine 007


I've almost hit moose high on multiple occasions. like seeing a freakin monster coming out of the woods.

Author — Jeremy Raboin


Dude...unbutton the jacket...It's all I am staring at and I LOVE YOU!

Author — honeybee


If I were stoned and saw a moose, I'd be like " Hey Bullwinkle, where's Rocky?"

Author — Walt F.


That explains a lot!
All the IQ went to that uncle!

Author — Firstname Lastname