USS Macon - Final Flight

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What really happened to the airship USS Macon off the California coast in 1935?

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This tragic scene and somehow only 2 casualties. The quick thinking and ingenuity of the crew saved the lives of the remaining 74 men on board the Macon. I sincerely appreciate the attention to detail and commitment to historical accuracy, thank you for this work of art!

Author — WafflerDude


US Navy airships were filled with non-explosive helium. This was extremely expensive at the time and actually handicapped their operations thanks to the measures needed to conserve the gas.

Author — lenaweeparka


"that air ship is made from pure flammable hydrogen gas, if the surface leaked (boom) the end of mr venus fly trap."
American ship including the Akron and Macon used helium not hydrogen.

Author — candr


lolololololol. well done sir, well done indeed.

Author — Tucker Beckett


Damn! I had no idea! WAnother government coverup!

Author — mjbivouac


Guess that wasn't copied from the National Geographic version after all..

Author — biukucanoe


no way! lies! it totally woulda have shot at it. probally woulda launched its planes to attack it too.

Author — Joesolo13


That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Funny though. Huh huh, Ah Chhhuh!

Author — Alan Binger


Men went to their graves and you pull a stunt like this ?

Author — machia0705


A very imaginative video of the destruction of the U.S.S. Macon (here it is devoured).

Author — Jeff Bloomfield


I't wasn't funny the first time. No need for repeats.

Author — Kovacs Corner