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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! If you are new WELCOME!

Victory Tower is a 40-foot wall that the trainees repel down to instill confidence and face their fears of height.

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💬 Comments

This is bringing back the memories and anxiety of being on top of the tower going over the edge. The worst part was getting over, but once I started it was fun. They’re lucky they have that big practice walk around 5:40. Our practice wall was maybe 10 ft tall.

Author — Salty 24112


“Does that look a little loose to you...whatever we’ll figure it out” haha 😂

Author — Robert Sarra


I remember I was so scared of heights that this was torture.

Air Assault school fixed that shit real quick

Author — Trevor


I need more of these. so many good memories. Y'all are some hilarious Drill Sergeants btw.

Author — Lyrim


“Your not gonna fall, except you might fall” 😂

Author — Adrian Rodriguez


See when I join the army this is the one thing I’m going to be crazy to do because heights is my biggest fear but I’m going to face my fears cause that’s what the army is all about!🤷🏾‍♀️🤩

Author — KayyElizabeth_


Thank you for posting these, I did basic in 2014 and I've always thought that Drill Sergeant's had a rough job. It's good to see that you guys have fun while training new recruits. Much respect!

Author — LORDbibby42


“ Traini what are you doing you’re being weird“ 🤣🤣 😂

Author — Nick Munoz II


I am extremely afraid of heights, but I know that this exercise is meant to instill confidence. I will overcome when it comes time.

Author — Bruce P Murchison


I will never forget my experience on eagle tower, the second I got up the latter one of my DS looks at me and sais “private have you always been fat.” I replied by saying yes DS, he then goes “it’s all good we’re gonna fix that, if you don’t die falling off this tower.”

Author — CowSlayer2


“Trainee.... get your life together. Holy cow, what are you doing!? Trainee.... quit being weird...” as the trainee completely fails repelling down the wall. 😂😂 I always had a hard time not laughing at bct because of the funny shit drill sgts come up with. Lol. Shit is classic.

Author — Chris Fallis


"trainee, holy cow, what are you doing? you're bein weird"
that girl is about to be me though

Author — laiken


It's weird seeing this. I was used to being in heat cat uniform all throughout basic. But I'm sure it's much colder now. We couldn't even really do combatives. We would practice for an hour and then they would make us get out the pit because it had already reached heat cat 4 by 10am.

Author — Jordan Edmonds


I was so scared here but that’s part of basic training breaking those fears.

Author — Elizabeth Murillo


Awesome video thank for sharing ! Thank you all for service and sacrifice ! Prayers for you and your family members !

Author — Lee Mead


Always look forward to your videos !! They motivate me even more to be a drill

Author — Ivan


This is so quiet and relaxed compared to marine training. Lots of positive support and training. So very different.

Author — Lextech Lighting


Doesn't feel like a year ago I was in those trainees boots on that exact Victory Tower!

Author — froogggzie


I can't believe i''ll be training Soldiers like this in a couple of months. I can't wait.

Author — MegaBestoffer


I loved this company!! Drill Sgt Franko loved having us touch the wall! Can still remember all my BCT drills. Boy time flys

Author — SnowWolf_HD