Hydro Thunder Hurricane - All Races with DLC (Tempest) Speedrun in 25:58 (Xbox 360)

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

I don't really consider myself that great at hydro thunder and there were a lot of sloppy tracks during this. Could probably go down another minute or two if done really well I figure, especially considering how well most of the online players are.

In game time: 22:12.03
Crashes/resets: 4

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Hydro Thunder was the most fun I ever had in a racing game.

Author — Danny Grimm


This was my child hood. I always wanted the full version but my mom never let me get it

Author — Shell Company


Still remember when my old neighbor and cousins would come over to play this with us on the split screen. Nostalgia hurts sometimes..

Author — E.L.


I remember this as well. They were my first games on the 360.

Author — K. I. A


Bro I was straight up addicted to this game back in the day lol

Author — Nick Hunter


The memories when me and my sister got this for Christmas and I first played it, it was a wonderful experience. Nothing gets better than this racing game

Author — VolcanCole


6:10 and 13:29 I was always scared when those appeared

Author — aeyen the lobster


Always played this game but I only had the demo version. Nostalgic

Author — BestGlaive in the world


Take note of the sponsor boards in the Tsunami Bowl - they reappear in later Vector Unit games like the Riptide GP series.

Author — Jup1ter


Will never forget you Hydro Thunder. Even tho I only had the demo, me and my cousins loved this game.

Author — Ricey Boi


Best memories ever 😥 wish I could go back and relieve them 😭

Author — RichyRobber


Gotta love that little moment where you were hitching a ride on top of a Thresher

Author — Masterof thelag


I remember playing this on the xbox 360 when I was like 3 it was so fun

Author —


15:18 22:44 25:16 scariest moments in this game

Author — tempname


I remeber this back in 2012, nostalgia

Author — OBerwri


When i was 4 years old i knew every secret in the whole game but my xbox broke and i didnt have one in 1, 5 years

Author — Ogge


Damn that lost Babylon run was insane!

Author — LZ_3


I remember playing H2Overdrive at a local arcade then seeing this on the Xbox Arcade and just had to get it. I wasn't disappointed in the slightest and loved having a kinda watered down version of an awesome arcade game in my house.

Author — Vendetta162X


I always played the original as a kid, but with these graphics, the boats and tracks are just insane.

Author — Reksoch


Use to throw down as a kid with my neighborhood pals at the local arcade in Long Beach in 1999-2000's. Great game. Came out in 1999

Author — ruben january