Woman accused of hiding baby in bag at airport | ABC News

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Woman accused of hiding baby in bag at airport | ABC News 5
Jennifer Talbot, 43, was stopped at a Delta boarding gate by airport personnel who had questions about her oversize luggage, authorities said.

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she could have just stayed home and focused on raising her other 5 children that now have no mother

Author — Sam Lutfi


So she jeopardize 5 children for one. SMDH!

Author — Tracey Wingfield


I have potatoes in my fridge smarter than that lady.

Author — telldem1


How did she think she would get through customs here in the US. Lmao stupid woman

Author — karen liz


Maybe her kids should all get a DNA test... I mean, it was probably not her first time...

Author — Ana Lerdo


I'm wondering if she has done this before

Author — Monica Ortiz


She deserves life sentence. Child traffickers are worst kind of evil!!

Author — yeeehhaaaw


Doesn't she have 5 kids at home in the US already? WTH?

Author — sheets0f metal


She already has 5 kids, how many more does she need . Now she will lose them all .

Author — Don Murnane


Was she just trying to give it a better life or what?

Author — babyheartz_ _


She wouldn’t even be able to get past CBP what was she thinking

Author — chinsrus101


She's done this before she was way to calm

Author — tuluca tango


She had 5 children and was smuggling that baby? She was trying to sell that baby. The US should turn their backs on her. Smh

Author — Roxanne H


The thing is, she didn’t kidnap/steal the baby.The biological mother gave her the child. Sad situation.

Author — jessica ann


Theres more to this story and I can bet anything that nothing good is going to come out of it. Shes was very shady and she doesnt seem to be new to the situation.

Author — Genesis Guerrero


Now, She’s Away From Her Own Children . I Feel Bad For Them 😢

Author — Beautiful Mind


I wonder if she had to drug the baby. To keep it from crying and alerting authorities

Author — Sandra Kho


The problem is.. There is no proper documents.. For infant.

Author — Happiness is Success TV


Crazy. However the woman willing gave her baby up. Why in the world did they not at least write a contract and she travel with the baby in a normal way? Why make yourself look like a criminal?
So wrong. Poor child.

Author — Rita Just Rita Pierce


👏👏 Lock her up in the Philippines!!! or better yet....a prison in the Middle East!!!!

DNA test her other five children, she may have stolen them too!

Author — 100% Real Woman 4 The Throw the Bum Out Party!