NEW Papo 2014 Dinosaurs

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

We take a look at this years offerings from Papo, and how one in particular ties in to the Jurassic Park franchise!! Music by Kevin MacLeod

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I'm surprised they didn't go with a more Jurassic Park inspired design for the dilophosaurus, but the baby triceratops looks like its straight out of Stan Winston's prop house. The archeopteryx looks like feathered raptor. I plan on getting all three of these figures when they are released.

Author — jurassiraptor


I got my Archaeopteryx today! Extremely well detailed...Love it.

Author — DABS139


All of these look very exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing that little trike soon!

Author — JurassicToys2000


Looking forward to these, ther're great reference models for sculptors like myself :-)

Author — ML Tharme


I'll be getting them for sure. And I'm Most looking forward to the Dilophosaurus but I'm a little worryed that it's going to be the allosaurus with a new head and tail. They did the same with the styraca and the pachyrhino same body's but different heads and tails.

Author — CoryBaker92


Archaeopteryx lookings intriguing! Hanging out for Dilophosaurus to!

Author — Jack Parkes


I have a mighty need for that Dilophosaurus.

Author — Titanium Shortcake


Papo should make the Jurassic Park shaving cream cans. I have been wanting one of those for 8 years to be exact.

Author — Gabriel Brito


I'm surprised that dilo doesn't resemble the JP version more.
No Giga?

Author — Austin Brown


Dilophosaurus and the baby triceraptops <3

Author — Chris Silva


dilophosaurus cuz i have the running t-rex, spinosaurus, carnotaurus and allosaurus

Author — SPARTAN-B312