Collins blasts Schiff for undermining Trump's handling of coronavirus

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Collins blasts Schiff for undermining Trump's handling of coronavirus 4.5

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is calling for an independent investigation into the COVID-19 response; Republican Rep. Doug Collins responds.

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Adam Schiff has the most punch able face in history! OMG I can’t stand him!

Author — Ron Ball


This is not the time to talk about a commission while in the middle of the pandemic. Schiff is beneath contempt. He's a disgrace.

Author — PikaPresSMC1


Schiff needs to be censured, and prosecuted for treason.

Author — Freedom is Slavery


To bring this schitt up at this time shows that Schiff is despicable.

Author — Kodi Ham


Why is that TRAITOR not been relieved of his duties???

Author — Don Smith


Little Adam Schiff was asleep at the wheel along with all the other democrats. Busy with their fake accusations. Makes me want to puke.

Author — Vince Leonberger


Check into Schiff's campaign funds, family and friends and you will find the
corrupt hand of Chinese money and influence.

Author — William Terivani-Lincoln MD


That’s all this dude does, attack. Bug eyed freak.

Author — Tim Robeck


This partisan BS fighting is really getting old. The enemy isn’t the virus, it’s the Democrats.

Author — Will.I.Am11


America now has officially 2 pandemics and one of them is the democrats .

Author — Quantum Mechanic


What has "Adam do to help in this crises??-NOTHING!!-Except COMPLAIN-& mad as ALL heck BECAUSE they DIDN'T get their "Wish List" completely filled & NOT caring ONE iota about people dying!!

Author — Gloria Rider


I love how schiff says that Trump had a slow response himself... How about the entire govt had a slow response cause the democrats were so focused on impeachment instead of the American people like they should. Everyone could have been on top of this but they keep playing games about Trump... Why dont they see that they are screwing this country over. Shame on the democrats for always pointing the finger instead of trying to help improve

Author — Donald Glumm


It's time for Schiff to 'let it go', and find a therapist to help him heal.

Author — Abbey's Grandma


the setting up of a commission means schiff and Hillary and all its other rats have something they need to hide...

Author — Rab w


Adam Schiff makes Homer Simpson look like Einstein.

Author — Dan McFarland


I thought that pencil neck would continue to be in hiding from the Sham of impeachment.

Author — Jeff Libby


Who lifted the rock for Schiffty to crawl out from? He's a 3 time loser. I can't forget the last words that came out of his mouth. Durham can't come soon enough.

Author — Gregg


And the millions wasted on this impeachment hoax. This makes me so angry! They lost my vote. I think the dems have lost there minds.

Author — Whitney Stalder


Take his mic away. He should be long gone by now

Author — BarbiQ


Shifty just wants to be relevant again but as usual he will fail miserably once again. Congressman Collins i wish u the best of luck, u truly are a patriot 👍

Author — Elham Daud