Grey Goose vs Belvedere

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 months ago

They are not the same!!

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Belvedere is Vodka... Grey Goose is Marketing.
Belevedere was the original vodka.. made from rye.
Grey Goose is bread drippings.

Author — Jeff Hildreth


I like Belvedere more than Grey Goose because grey goose is not friendly too you what so ever it will bite you in the ass and not a good bite lol. Belvedere on the other hand will welcome you in with warm hugging arms saying I know you work a 9-5 right now but we still got each other. in all seriousness Grey Goose i feel is overpriced for how little it delivers I mean at the price point its at it really doesn't give you much it has its own distinct taste but its not that good of a taste. Belvedere is not cheap either but it is so smooth and in my opinion has been my favorite vodka to drink because I don't get a lot of the alcohol presence and more of the rye flavor. Both are pricey for your average individual and both have there own distinct taste but the vodka that I can give a friend and them immediately say its the best vodka they've had is hands down all day Belvedere

Author — Seth Banks