Fox News issues statement after mob targets Tucker's home

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Fox News issues statement after mob targets Tucker's home 5
Antifa protesters chants outside, vandalizes Tucker Carlson's home. Reaction from 'The Five'.

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If antifa is labeled as a terrorist group why aren't they being arrested!!!

Author — Marvin Olvera


You know if this happened to a democratic equivalent this would be all over the news. But because it's tucker it's magically okay. Enough is enough

Author — zenonx1


Antifa: a group of fascists that use fascist tactics while claiming to be anti-fascists

Author — bdawk20


Democrat hooded thugs surrounding a famlies home late at night yelling threats... except for the burning cross, it seems to be the same old Democrat play book....

Author — John Hennessy


This is wrong. Those people should go to jail. This is a crime. Liberal Dems have overstepped the boundaries of what is legal within freedom of expression

Author — Rhoda Lindsay


This is why we all need shotguns, you can take down more than one at a time.

Author — Aaron Cyro


The leftist are only civil if you agree with their agenda. If you disagree they will hypocritically cast aside their “beliefs” and commit all the heinous activities they hate others for!

Author — Killswitch


Protest at fox news. Not the mans home. These people have no respect. Should be put down like the bad dogs they are.

Author — Ryan 6ix


Come to my home and you will leave the property in bags

Author — Identified as 9numbers. 000-00-0000


Isn't this exactly what Maxine Waters told people to do?

Author — Dave Fick


Ye Juan the democrat, it's rage not criminsls because it's a republican home, but if it were a democrat home it would be criminal! Two face Juan!

Author — Debbie Singh


Police would have had a pile of bodies to pick up if that was my home...

Author — Dark RainDW


Irrespective of political leanings, the treatment of Mr. Carson and his family is disgusting

Author — Kevin Mason


If ANTIFA is on your doorstep shoot them.

Author — HIKKUPZ


I'll just say this..i take full advantage of my 2nd amendment rights and my family's security means more to me than a few commies.

Author — shane mack


I’m glad the media is starting to call Antifa what they really are.

Author — Barnabis Wirley


Large mob shows up at my door, out comes the AR

Author — So Lost


Bang on my door enmass and someone's getting Shot. To put this poor woman through this because of husband's job, is totally unconscionable!!!

Author — Maureen Stevens


Someone better draw the line or people are just going to have to start defending themselves against these lunatics.

Author — hemlock308


See this is why automatic assault rifles should exist. Literal self defense.

What if that mob had gotten in?

Author — Robert Ward