Will It Ramen? Taste Test

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Will It Ramen? Taste Test 5

Today, we're answering the age old question... Will It Ramen? In how many forms can ramen retain its noodly goodness? Find out on today's taste test, Will It Ramen? GMM #1640

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💬 Comments on the video

y’all should make a cookbook with every will it that was a yes!

Author — hannah


I think a great potential “Will It?” episode could be “Will it Lasagna?”

Author — Blink


Their gut bacteria must be mutants at this point.

Author — Ryan Orion


props to josh for being so freaking intricate with his creations
like wow

Author — ava hursey


One of these days, Josh is gonna be all like "Uh...yeah. We just looked into this and...you might want to stop eating. Like right now."

Author — Jotaro Shima


My cat was sleeping nearby when I was watching this video. When Link gaggged she poked up her head and looked in my direction, concerned and ran over to me. When she saw I was fine she looked arround confused.

Sweet kitty 🐈❤️

Author — Alex Ella


You know that when Link is enjoying tomato infused noodles, that it’s good.

Author — Thomas Straight


Rhett- “I’d eat noodles off’a ma self’

The kind of self love I aspire to have

Author — Mira Hemsley


Next Episode: Top Ten Ranked Meals We’ve Had On The Show.

Author — shawncaution


gmm crew: *walks into butchers*
butcher: ah yes, how many brains today

Author — Redds


Show idea : take the top meals that have been created and have them go head to head to see which one is crowned best mythical dish!

Author — Kris Camaj


Im surprised that they didn't do a will it chili yet.

Author — Glasses


Petition to rebrand this segment "Retch and Dink"

Author — Josephine Des Rosiers


Whenever they eat brains I think they should say "dink it and think it"

Author — Shady 27


Link: What is in this ?

Josh: It’s just ginger ale 😂I lost it

Author — MadebyAhmad


HMU with that grilled cheese ramen recipe someone pleaseeee!

Author — Alexa


Who's here after the mythical kitchen episode?

Author — Sebastian Torre


Being invited to eat on this show is like playing russian roulette

Author — Lord Slapaman


Did anybody else see Rhetts reaction when link said “noods” 😂😭

Author — wnnalis cioov


ther should be an entire episode of “will it bath bomb” 😂😂😂😂

Author — Pearl Collum