Man Ray: Solarization

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Man Ray developed the Solarization process with Lee Miller, which she discovered as the result of a darkroom accident. Learn more about this process in this short video!

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nice production! the audio quality is perfect and footage in the darkroom reads quite nicely. good job on the editing of the print developing steps, too.

Author — Elaine Odell


Man Ray was the first subject I was into back in 1960 when I was ten. The military library in the Presidio of San Francisco had a children's library. I was there once a week for years. Later I ran a photo lab in Saigon for 10 months, and after a break in other work, I was back in custom labs for about 16 years. Now, film work. I think I'll see how to try solarization in Photoshop.

Author — sclogse1


Thank you for posting such a wonderfully done video. I wish I could visit your nice exhibition

Author — Kayhan Shaghaghi


I’ve heard someone mention Man Ray’s solarization was on the negative not the photo pager. Do you know anything about this?

Author — Inkast Studio


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