Remember the Overpowered Hellriegel 1915?

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they should’ve just given this gun the stick mag that it had in some concept photos and the normal drum mag to the defensive. wouldve helped a bit with balancing

Author — Fridgemasters


I still find it strange that this is overrpowered, let alone it being functional and in abundance, now I know it's a video game, but I still find it very ironic, considering the fact that there are only 2 or 3 photos of the hellriegel in reality.

Author — Hettic Soldier


The enemies are shocked that you're running around with a Hellriegel with a scout soldier. Seems stupid but it works, and that's something we've lost in the recent battlefields...

Author — Pablo García


The only real world example we have of this gun is a single photo. It was highly experimental and never saw combat, let alone production. It's so silly to me that it's even in the game.

Author — Invader Vim


Everyone using this weapon would claim it wasn't overpowered when it was

Author — Valmirius


As much as I love this game, the bullet diviation is just so damn aggressive

Author — Turner Florence


Not a battlefield 1 video if you don't complain about random bullet deviation at least once.😂

Author — Griffin Aloi


"I must use a gun that probably never existed ever in history that handles exactly like an Assault Rifle to have fun in a WWI game"

My God, literally every Battlefield game plays exactly the same .

Author — Extraño Inusual


Games aside, Merry Christmas everyone! Merry Christmas TBAG!

Author — Go ExPlore


Its good, but I prefer the defense variant. You can kill a insane number of players with it.

Author — AduaneroKill


So this is what my team looks like from the other perspective. I'm glad it gets annoying for at least some people on the other team

Author — Tom The Cat


Even after it was nerfed, it was still beautiful

Author — Steel Streeton


It's not overpowered, it once was, but at the moment just about every gun in assault class and medic class can beat it out, it's just weak.

Author — Gasmaker


It’s not really op, it depends on the player skill.

Author — Andres S


Putting so much automatic weapons in bf1 made bfv feel too similar to bf1.

Author — FlyJonat


True the gun is powerful, but most importantly it has a lot of style.

Author — Amine


Ya I remember it was the last gun to unlock and only the people who already played as their day job got an overpowered weapon.

Author — Warren Waller


Yall remember how OP the Huot MG was?

Yeah, me neither

Author — 3 Star Perfect Deer


Don't know on console, but on PC, this weapon is far from being OP in it's current state. Maybe it used to be once, but as it is today, it's nowhere near as broken as it was in the past.

Author — Antimanele104


2016: "Hellriegel kills don't count"

Author — KO30n