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Epic Trick Shot Battle 3 | Dude Perfect 5
It's time for Dude Perfect and Brodie Smith's most epic battle yet!

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Music by Group 1 Crew:

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For each like I get I donate a meal to the homeless.. :D

Author — JsQuad Family


Who is getting recommendation in December 2019

Author — ankit singh


Whenever Brodie celebrates, it sounds like he’s injured.

Author — Broscowscy Bros


Coby I don't know about that butt slap haha

Author — Brodie Smith


2019 November anyone.
Thanks for all the likes 😀👍

Author — Adam Sparacio


Brodie smith become's crazy after trick shot🤣

Author — Vaibhav Mulik


2019, November: this video now has as many views as their subs

Author — Anarchy Clan


me when i get hurt:
brodie when he gets a trick shot done:

Author — Shaantanu Pagarani


I can't even throw a frisbee straight normally

Author — Little Swimmer


3:33 he says let’s go and then the song says let’s go

Author — Shortcut Gaming


Imagine Frisbee is turning into a boomerang

Author — Shirazaki Tohsaka


When there were 2 pins brodie was angry

Author — Shubha Harish


A add for dude perfects 2020 tour came on at the start

Author — Jon Foster


“This shot has turned many men into boys”-Tyler, 2017

Author — LanceSergent Jackson


How watch this vedio from 2020 keep a like to see how mush

Author — Hussein Mohsen


The music : "I want that power, that power, give me that power, power"

Author — LIL dude


Wow i wanted to watch this vid and then a DP ad showed up

Author — Robin Dela Cruz


They should make a video and call it DUDE ALMOST PERFECT. Where they show all the bloopers from previous videos

Author — Marcos Amparo


BroFive vs DudePerfect? Like if you wanna see the madness!!

Author — Blind Guardian


My Brother :
5:59 6:05
Hurricane Hammer

Author — Louay Orfi