A Very Gentle And Safe Game || Ding vs Vidit || Chess Super League (2021)

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Photos by Lennart Ootes!

Ding, Liren (2836) - Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi (2639) 0-1
A45 Queen's pawn game

Six teams (with six players each) compete this week in a single round-robin followed by a knockout phase on Saturday and Sunday. All squads happen to have their own musical songs, resonating names, and dedicated team logos, adding to the experience.

00:00 Hello Everyone!
00:17 Game Starts!
01:58 Completely New Game!
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08:50 It Was In This Position
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💬 Comments

In defense of the algorithm, that fabi game was indeed violent stuff

Author — Tekuani Aakab


Ding: "I'll trade a piece for three pawns!"
Also Ding: "And now I'll sacrifice my three pawn advantage for... something!"

Author — Raynman Plays


What I've learned is that when you have a completely new game, you have to see how the other player will continue.

Author — Paul Deck


"A Very Gentle And Safe Game"
You almost got me, almost ...

Author — Clomath


You should use the "You won't believe what move he made next!" caption as part of all your videos!

Author — sanfordgfogg


The most addictive chess channel...Cheers AGADMATOR you rock.

Author — Stuffed Turtle


Ding deserves a Barnes head for all those pawn pushes.

Author — NWRIBronco6


Thank for your work. I have enjoyed both the chess and watching how you constantly develop your business. Best of luck moving forward.

Author — Ocean Mapper


Glad to see Agad covering CSL games

Author — Jayasingh Rathod


2019 was a great year for Ding and after that had been a very long slump for Ding.

Author — Erwin Joseph


And just in case the comments have any influence: It was the most soft cat cuddly, pup playful, animal loving, politically correct game every witnessed by human or animal. ....from Ireland even. I missed that pawn push by the the way although I had looked at it and wrongly thought it not beneficial.

Author — Michael Harris


Is Antonio intentionally saying ReheSamay?? :D.Anyways nice game

Author — Soumyajit Roy


#suggestion - can you do (after the big tournaments, before/after Riga) a series with chess content creatos and players' best games? Like yourself, Levy, Hikaru, Samay Raina and players like Fischer, Kasparov, Tal, Karpov...
With titles like "Kasparov's best game || Kasparov vs ???? 19__"

Author — Omer Ben-Ami


Next video title: "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!"

Author — Floyd Maxwell


This came out as soon as I got done with the Fabi game you love to see it

Author — TheRaging Bull90


It's NOT Santhosh Gujrathi Vidit like in your video. It's Vidit Santhosh Gujrathi.

Author — Bobby Fischer


The title of video was awesome! The problem is that we are moving towards an Orwellian kind of Utopia 😂😂

Author — ssl elgamal


I realized when Antonio was talking about the title of his last video that I don't even look at the titles of the videos I just click them as soon as I see them

Author — Jeffrey Schwartz


In fact it was a very gentle and safe game, thanks Antonio

Author — Jorge C


Hahahaha, upvote for the introduction. Hilarious

Author — datoubi