Protester confronts the police in Venezuela

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Protester confronts the police in Venezuela 4.5
This Venezuelan woman had a powerful message for a police officer at a protest in Caracas. From CGTN's Stephen Gibbs in Venezuela.

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Blame Trump and his sanctions.If Trump was so concerned about the people he would lift the sanctions and let them buy sell and trade with the rest of the world

Author — cano malo


Stay and fight for your country! God bless you! Who will stand along side her???? This is for the people of Venezuela to figure out....not the US. We are not the police of the world. The migrants should turn around and invade they're own country. Stand beside your brothers. You will become the saviors of your land. Think for yourselves.



So what do you want from that scared kid dressed in police uniform? Is he responsible for anything?

Author — f c


I'm sorry for you but the soldier is trying to prevent a civil war between you and the Chavistas and when that happens you will still be forgotten coz the country responsible is the US. When sanctions are lifted and your country assets are returned I'm sure you'll be the one to benefit.

Author — Mark Katheravan


Xuck the Soldiers he serve money and power instead of his own people his own family and friends are eating out of the trash to stay alive what's the point of them standing infront of people the are just hungry and afraid of someone else having control of there life's and not know what's to come Now that's Xuck 👆

Author — Gregorio R