Take A Side, Mr. President: Nazis Or Not Nazis

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Take A Side, Mr. President: Nazis Or Not Nazis 4.5

Stephen digs into President Trump's off-script/off-the-rocker press conference in which he contradicted statements given on Monday condemning hate groups.

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Trump won't get his speech right the first two times but, hey, Third Reich's the charm, right?

Author — WoWFiend2005


Hitler died in Trump was born in 1946... coincidence?

Author — Ozzy Sprague


Agolf Twittler wont condemn his own klan.

Author — Petyr Kowalski


Trump supporters trying to rationalize Nazis... Why?

Author — Ludwig van Beethoven


There is absolutely nothing "political" about being a Nazi. Demanding and working toward taking away the rights, basic humanity, and even lives of your fellow human beings just because they don't share your skin color, gender, sexuality, religion, physicality, etc. is NOT a "policitical stance, that is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. It doesn't make you a conservative or a liberal, it makes you a CRIMINAL and a TERRORIST.

Nazis and white supremacist groups are criminals, and terrorists, and they should be dealt with accordingly. It is the duty of every human being to take a stance against those vile loser scums of the earth. Learn from history, friends. Keep yourself and your loved one safe.

Author — Trung the Black Rose of Evil


I wonder how future history classes will view this.

Author — TraustiGeir


We shouldnt admire those who would own others as property.

Author — Umm iThinkiAm


Are any of these anti Stephen Colbert, and pro Trump Supporters even watching the whole video? This guy has some solid points, but all these Trump supporters are arguing with just the title.

Author — Caleb Gullings


What's the difference between a Klan hood and a MAGA hat?
The hood was made in America.

Author — drew pedersen


I clicked this link faster than Donald Trump condemned Nazis!

By which I mean I clicked it within 3 days of seeing the link, after sort of clicking it on day one but not really, and then finally after being forced to click it on the third day.

PSYCH! I didn't really mean it when I finally clicked it! #fakenews!

Author — Skill Up


"believe me" the ultimate words of a LIAR

Author — Brant Lambermont


Excuse me. Excuse me! Don't interrupt me while I'm lying.

Author — Jeff Phakenewz


When Colbert is funny he's REALLY funny. And when he's on point, he's REALLY on point. When he's both, he should be allowed to run for the President of the United States of South Carolina.

Author — Thomas Connors


One thing is for sure, Trump creates and secures jobs in the late show industry.

Author — Hans Schultze


If you put your feet on the ground you can feel the earth vibrating from all the dead veterans spinning in their graves...

Author — duchesswannabe


I'm surprised by all the Trump Supporters in the comments. You'd think at least 70% of the comments from them would be highly educated and well spoken. But lets face it Trump is neither of these things so it makes sense that his *cough* puppets *cough* I mean supporters are the same way. If you can prove me wrong with actual facts then go ahead as long as it is with your own words and not for example: Fake News: Which is something he claims about every fact about him unless it's a lie that is in favor of him, Make America Great Again: Which Trump stole from Ronald Reagan by the way. And finally denying all the proof that is on the internet that like every person with a functional brain has talked about and posted. I don't care what you call me but i'm not a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot like Trump but you supporters can feel free to be so. After all you have no logical thoughts in your tiny miniature brains and just do the basic human trait that a 2 year old would do, which is copying others to get attention. If you can't tell already I despise Trump but i'm glad i could explain it to you all. Trump in case you couldn't tell is well deserving of all his criticism that Stephen Colbert shows us each week. Anyways i'm sure i'll get death threats and constant bickering after this comment but that would just prove my point. So use those brains of yours for once and tell me why i'm wrong with your own words. If you can prove to me that Trump actually accomplished something other than being a terrible president then i'll buy a MAGA hat, before burning it.

Author — AlvissEdgehart


Was originally looking for True Crime documentaries then I realized: what am I doing? I could just watch Trump on the news....

Author — Octavius Chan


So now America has an anti-American president who sides with all America's old enemies --- the Confederacy, the Nazis and Russia. SAD!

Author — Toad Jiang


Trump is upset because the cleaners lost his white HOOD.

Author — Henry Dawkins


Trump's Logic: "Venezuela is having a major humanitarian crisis, they are suffering hunger"
What can I do to help?: "Block any money, food or resources to that people so they die sooner"
Yeah. Not a very bright man.

Author — Tomodachi91ve