Manhattan shoebox apartment: a 78-square-foot mini studio

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Manhattan shoebox apartment: a 78-square-foot mini studio 4.5
A couple years ago, Manhattan architect Luke Clark Tyler, lived in a 96 square foot apartment. Instead of upsizing with his latest move, he chose to squeeze himself and his belongings into even less space.

Luke now lives in a 78 square foot shoebox studio. It's too narrow to fit a bed lengthwise, but using a bit of plywood and 2x4s he built his own custom bed/couch.

He keeps his clothes, plates, microwave, books, spices and shaving and cleaning supplies in a large built-in cabinet. The rest of his kitchen is a tiny refrigerator that helps hold up his desk (he works for home as a contract architect).

While he admits he misses being able to cook a real meal- though he's vegetarian so eats a lot of vegetables and nuts and can even microwave eggs- Luke doesn't see living small as a sacrifice.

He loves living in the heart of New York City- his place is in Midtown Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen- and he likes paying just $750/month (cheaper than the shared housing he could find in the area).

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hes trying to hard to convince himself this is a good idea

Author — David Lee


I need to know what's behind that door beside the bed. Maybe he never realized he's been living in the closet of a giant penthouse the whole time.

Author — potaijee


“So this is my place”

*depressive music starts playing*

Author — Le


If you don't have your own bathroom and shower you don't have an indipendent apartment. You just rented a room and you added a fridge and a microwave. This is really neither inspiring nor ingenious.

Author — SoloPerICommenti


I think I may have an idea why some New Yorkers seems so angry all the time.

Author — avaorchid


Bruh you literally dont have to live in ny

Author — Cosmonaut


The shared bathroom is a deal breaker. Well the whole place is a deal breaker really.

Author — MrsDeWinter


$800 a month in 2011. Imagine what it costs now.

Author — The Good Note


Wow. Suddenly I appreciate what I have.

Author — K H0325


i love how this guy laughs all the time to try and squelch the inner struggle

Author — RobertDoosh


Yea I do eat a lot of vegetables and fruits


Author — Transgender XOXOXOX


$800 a month for a shoebox? Dude, you work from home, live in New Jersey or something.

Author — Herbie Husker


Okay this is the line where it's no longer an apartment. This is a hostel.

Author — 6mehul9


Prisoners in supermax have better accommodations than this.

Author — Todd Gaak


He is laughing way too much. He knows it sucks living there .

Author — sowhatwearedoomed


Now you understand why so many New Yorkers are neurotic

Author — tihzho


Don´t know why...but I feel uncomfortable watching this

Author — Chris Mottob


$800/month for a crammed room where you put your dirty shoes right next to your dishes. Plus a single bathroom shared with 4 people. Sorry but any random Brazilian favela would be a thousand times better and you get to see the ocean too. Maybe even a prison is more comfortable. Also... Please explain me how an architect can work on a small laptop without even a mouse. This guy is nuts.

Author — Lu


This was the most depressing thing I've seen in a long time.

I feel so bad for him paying $800 for that.

Author — deagleninja


$800US to live in a closet, with no kitchen, and sharing a bathroom wth 4 others is a colossal rip-off.

Author — A Brighter Star